Sign and Trade Ideas for Sessions - Trade Idea Tuesday

It is now being reported that the Clippers and Oklahoma City are joining the bidding for Sessions services. The Knicks are preparing their long-term offer of roughly $26 million.  Further details regarding the deal here.  It is described in depth the details of the likely contract offers and the speculation of whether the Bucks may or may not match.  At this point, it sounds like anything less than 5 years, the Bucks will match.  At 5 years, for the MLE, a sign-and-trade will likely need to be worked out.  This is where everything can get interesting.  I was not in favor of a sign-and-trade with the Knicks, or the Bucks letting go of Sessions at all.  But now with two other teams joining in the bidding, the Bucks could make things interesting.  Which begs the question, What can the Bucks get in a sign-and-trade?

From the Knicks it has been discussed that the Bucks could obtain Duhon, Wilson Chandler, or even a more elaborate trade that could package a player or two with Sessions, and bring back David Lee. 

What can the Clippers offer?

In looking at what the Clipers have to offer, I think it is likely the Bucks match on Sessions.  About the best case scenerio I see is the Clippers getting Sessions and Gadzuric, the Bucks taking back Camby and maybe Al Thornton.  Camby has one year left at over 9 million, Thornton has one year with just under 2 million.  The Bucks are not going to let Sessions leave w/o forcing a team to take a contract off of our hands, and this trade would accomplish that.  I could also see something involving Deandre Jordan from the Clippers.


What can Oklahoma City offer?

The biggest piece  I could see getting in return from the Thunder would be Nick Collison, again, they would likely have to take a contract off of the Bucks hands, be it Bell or Gadzuric.  Collison has two years left however, so I don’t know how attractive that would be to the Bucks.

It sounds like something will happen and happen soon.  If the Knicks still really want Sessions, they are going to have to pay to get him with the Clippers and Thunder joining in.  This does put the Bucks in a position of power to deal with a team that will give the Bucks something back while taking an undesirable contract off of the Bucks hands.  If there is nothing worked out to the Bucks liking, they can just sign and keep a very good PG in Sessions.

Note:  If Sessions actually signs an offer sheet, a sign and trade can no longer happen.  It is the Gentleman’s agreement in the NBA for deals to do it this way, before the player actually signs, the teams try to work something out.

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  • Sylvan

    As reported in Brewhoop. A sign and trade means that the player, once signed, cannot be traded in a package. We couldn’t take back more than the MLE in players.

    • Justin Malaise

      I believe in a sign and trade, what actually happens is the player signs the offer sheet, and the original team has a week to match. It is during this week that a sign-and-trade can be worked out and the deal wouldn’t necessarily mean we are restricted to the MLE. The salaries going back and forth would have to match. At least I think that is how it works. I appreciate the comment.

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  • Parker

    Why would these teams be willing to eat a huge contract in order to get Sessions? If they sign Sessions for 4/26 and take back another 14 mil in dead contracts they are really paying 10 million a year for Sessions. I love Sessions, but clearly that is too much for him at this point. I don’t see a viable sign and trade where the other team gives up something the Bucks want. He would back-up Westbrook (not all that important), back-up Baron Davis (again not all that important) or start for the Knicks. The Knicks will be stupid to give up Chandler in order to pay Sessions the MLE.

    I’m not sure the Bucks would match the MLE for 5 years with Jennings now in the fold….limits his chance to develop. They are already paying Ridnour 6 million to back-up! If they sign Sessions it means either they have another 6 million back-up (Sessions) or not allow Jennings to develop into an all-star.

    • Justin Malaise

      I agree, if the offer is a 5 year contract, the Bucks will likely not match.

      Why I think the teams may have to take on a contract is with three teams in the fold, the best offer will get the deal done with the Bucks. When it was only the Knicks involved, the Bucks only choice was to either match, or take whatever the Knicks offered. They do hold some control over this if three teams truly are interested.
      I am not sure if the Bucks will get something they really covet in any deal, but I do think they can unload one of the undesirables in the deal.
      I would guess we send Session and Bell/Gadzuric, and the Bucks would have to take on a similar amount of salary, with the kicker being they would probably only take on expiring contracts or get someone they want. That is why I mention Camby, he has a high number, but next year is the last year of his deal. I appreciate the comment.

  • Parker

    I would agree they hold the cards if all 3 teams are willing to give Sessions the max deal of 5/34mil. However, I doubt the Thunder and Clippers would be willing to take on that contract (about 7 mil per season) for a back-up point guard-both Baron Davis and Russell Westbrook are under contract the next couple of seasons.

    As for the Knicks…the contract could be worth it if he is your starting point guard. If the Knicks offer Sessions the most money he will sign with them-most money and best chance of playing time/stats. (And play for his former AAU Coach in Dan D’Antoni) He said he would be willing to come back so if the Bucks match it is okay as well. (not a Gortat situation) Sessions doesnt necessarily need a sign and trade to get the best contract (unlike Andre Miller)-he won’t get a better deal than MLE for 5 years.

    I don’t know the rules about sign and trade, but I think th Knicks could offer a couple 2nd round picks so the Bucks get something….and I think the Bucks are saving/holding money-RJ trade and signing Ilyasova show cost cutting and low salary contracts. It will be interesting to see what they do and how it plays out

    • Justin Malaise

      It will be interesting to see what happens. My guess is everything is waiting on Miller now and that may be why the offer on Sessions did not come in today.
      I agree that is doesn’t make sense for the Clippers or Thunder to take on that contract. But these teams make some really questionable moves. With Sessions being the best young FA available at this point of the off-season, you never know what these teams are thinking. That is why the speculation never gets boring!

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