Bucks looking at Hakim Warrick?

Gery Woeflel is reporting from twitterthat the Bucks may be looking at Hakim Warrick.  Chris Mannix of SI, reported something similar from twitter.  This is something I made mention of that I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucks do when Warrick was first released.

I haven’t been able to find anymore proof as to the Bucks interest, but it is a move I would be happy with.  Since there wasn’t a lot of competition when Warrick was tendered, I wonder how tough it would be for the Bucks to sign him?  I have heard the Nets are a team that is interested, but everything seems to be speculation at this point.

I am on board with this move.  The Bucks brought in Amir Johnson, who is athletic but more of a defensive presence.  Warrick is more of an offensive presence at the PF spot.  His stats per 40 minutes last year

Points/40   18.7

Rebs/40 8

PER  16.91

TS% 55.4

Here is Hollinger’s scouting report:

A slender, quick big man, Warrick struggles to keep up at the defensive end and that’s the reason he hasn’t played more despite solid offensive production. Warrick is a below-average rebounder and has trouble keeping opponents out of prime post position, and though he’s quick for his size that hasn’t translated into especially vibrant defense on the perimeter.

Warrick also has some of the worst on-court versus off-court numbers in basketball during the past two seasons, though the fact that most of his minutes have come with Gasol hurt or gone via trade undoubtedly contributed.

Offensively, Warrick likes to face up and use the threat of his quickness to launch a turnaround J; he’s become reasonably accurate on these but tends to fade to his left, and when he misses it’s usually to that side. He’s better when he blows by bigger opponents to either draw fouls or rise up and finish for dunks in the paint.

I feel Warrick can offer a nice offensive changeup at  the 4.  We are not sure what Irsan will be able to give the Bucks in the NBA, but we have an idea what Warrick can do.  Combine his offense with Amir Johnson’s defense, and you have a decent combo at the 4.  I also like the idea of adding affordable athletic pieces that can run.  For the Bucks to win this year, they will have to run teams out of the gym, and the more athletic guys they can put on the floor the better.  This move can also keep Alexander at the 3, a more natural position for him.  Anything that can get Gadzuric less minutes, I am all for as Johnson can also be moved to center when Warrick is on the floor.

Off topic, a look at the Badger’s schedule.

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