Warrick Officially a Buck

It is being reported by several sources that Hakim Warrick has signed a one year deal with the Bucks. 

There is also talk of Sessions getting the official offer at anytime now. 

Frank at BrewHoop worked out a scenario where a sign and trade could be worked out between the Bucks and Knicks swapping Sessions for Lee, with some other players thrown in to make it work.  It can be done technically, but the Warrick signing makes me highly doubtful it could happen.

Over the weekend I will provide some stats that will display the combination of Amir Johnson and Hakim Warrick are better for the Bucks that Villenueava.

Stay tuned, more Bucks news likely by the end of the day.

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  • Parker

    Warrick = No Sessions. That is so dumb…unless the Bucks didn’t expect to keep Sessions anyways. Signing Sessions will put them into the tax….costing the Bucks twice his salary and the money they would receive from the league for being under the tax.

    I wouldn’t choose Warrick over Sessions….creates a logjam at the 3/4 and Sessions would have been a tradeable asset.

    What does everyone else think? Warrick or Sessions?

  • Justin Malaise

    I agree that there could be a logjam at the 3/4 now, but the Bucks might have just added the best player within that logjam to the mix. Amir is more defensive at this point, Ersan is an unknown, Mbah is a defensive minded player that is more geared for the perimeter, and Joe Alexander is a long way away yet.

    It does allow Skiles some flexibility when matching up with teams.

    Warrick is a great athlete and will at least give the Bucks some excitement.

    If it came down as a choice between the Sessions and Warrick, I think the fact they would have had to sign Sessions to a multi year deal, compared to the one year deal for Warrick forced their hand.

    I would be very happy with both, but agree that I doubt they will do that. If they did go into the tax, it would only be for the year since some other contracts are coming off, so I wouldn’t be shocked if Sessions is matched, although I don’t expect it.
    I think this is much better than some of the sign and trade possibilities that were discussed for Sessions, so in that regard I am also much happier with Warrick. With Jennings throwing Warrick AlleyOops next year the Bucks will definetely be on more highlights, which is more than they have had in the past.

  • Parker

    If the Knicks give Sessions the full MLE he will cost the Bucks around 10-12 million. 5.8 for salary, 4.8 for tax (Bucks about 1 million under) and roughly 2.6 million the Bucks would receive from other teams for being under the tax. Thats alot of money and it doesnt make sense to match the deal. I find it hard to believe the Bucks would be able to move 4.8 million during the season to get under the tax….Sessions won’t be back if the Knicks give him a high salary next year.

  • Justin Malaise

    Agreed, but it doesn’t sound like the Knicks will be offering the MLE. The Knicks are trying to come up with a number that they assume will be out of the Bucks reach, yet under the MLE. That number may even be under 4million for next year.

    My thing with all of this is that if Sessions was retained, the Bucks have a proven PG and a prospect with upside in Jennings. If Sessions is let go, next year they will be looking for a PG again, and next year’s FA PG class is weak. I would rather them pay some tax this year and keep Sessions, than pay about the same salary for lesser player next year.

    It all will come down to how cute the Knicks get. If they offer the full MLE, Sessions is gone. As they start lowering that number too far, the Bucks will jump in and match.

  • Parker

    If the Knicks want to pay him 4 million a year, they would give him 5.8 next year and 2.2 for 2010 (and whatever is beyond 2010). This way it is less likely the Bucks match, and only 2.2 million of cap space is used for the free agency of 2010. I fully expect the first year of the deal to be the max 5.8 million.

  • Justin Malaise

    The contracts cannot work like that. In the NFL, teams do have control over the structure of the yearly payout.

    In the NBA, each year over the duration of the contract, it must increase. If the Knicks started at 4million, the 2nd year salary goes up by a fixed %, and then increased again for each year.

    If the first year was the full 5.8, by the 3rd year the contract would be well over 6million.