Bucks Swap Johnson and Likely Lose Sessions for Delfino and Ukic, I Hate It!

The Bucks have traded Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems to the Raptors for Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukic.  I hate this deal.  Unless more moves are coming, this puts a nail in the coffin of Sessions returning.  This also trades a good shot blocker, which isn’t that easy to find, for a shooter and a backup PG deemed worse that Jarret Jack.  I am sorry, this move does not excite me.

The addition of Delfino will mean less time Jodie Meeks will get onto the floor, I do not care for that.

The loss of Johnson means there really isn’t a shot blocker on the roster, I do not care for that.

The reports are that Delfino will get a three year deal, I do not care for that.

Adding two more guards will likely mean there is no shot of Sessions coming back, I do not care for that.

The only good thing about this whole deal is that there were no rumors of it happening, and that is really looking for a silver lining.  I maintain my belief that well run teams let nothing leak out.  San Antonio, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles are among the best run teams in sports today, and nothing ever gets out about what those teams are doing until after it is done.  Do you realize Vick had signed with Philly two days before it became public?  Favre has reportedly signed with Minnesota approximately 947 times since June.  The Knicks are leaking stuff all the time.  Different strokes for different folks.

  • rob

    I agree. This trade is worthless. It definitely seems the Bucks would have been a more exciting and dynamic team without this trade. And I too would have liked to see Meeks play more than he probably will now.

    Hammond better trade Redd to make this move seem like it was part of a plan for actual improvement.

  • Justin Malaise

    Yeah, I just hate everything about it. If it means more is coming, than I guess we will wait and see.

    I would have been happier with Johnson as a backup PF/C shotblocker and developing Meeks. I just cannot see how this trade does not affect Meeks minutes.

  • Parker

    And by trading Weems they now have 16 contracts without Sessions…they need to make a trade or cut someone. Sessions is gone unless the Knicks pull out for some reason, which I dont see happening. They should pull the QO for him-its clear they have no intention of keeping him….