Why We Packer Fans MUST Boo Favre on Sunday

Garry Howard at JSOnline wrote up an article regarding how the Packer fans should treat Brett Favre on Sunday.  He says we should give Favre a standing ovation initially, then become fans of Green Bay when the game starts.  This is a not the way it should be done, AT ALL.  He should be booed, mercilessly.

My reasons for why he should be booed:

1.  HE IS A VIKING – With all apologies to the Bears, the Vikings are the Packers biggest rival to anyone living outside of Milwaukee.   Minnesota and Chicago were the two teams he could not go to, and from everything I have read and seen on tv, it seems Favre has wanted to be a Viking ever since he retired.

2.  Viking Fans- For the most part, I like Bear fans.  They are usually Bear fans through thick and thin.  Viking fans are not.  I went to college with a lot of people from Minnesota, of the people I knew or hung out with in college, it was about half Wisconsin, half Minnesota.  Before the 1998 season most of these people I knew from Minnesota said they did not care about the Vikings, they said the Vikes suck and they do not care.  Then during the great 98 season, Moss’s rookie season,  these same people would rub it in when the Vikings started to roll!  I could take it just fine from the Minnesota people who were fans the whole time, BOTH OF THEM!

3.  He may win the Vikings a Title- This goes to my complaint regarding fans in my previous point, these fans do not deserve a title.  I can have a semi-reasonable back and forth with Bear fans, I cannot do the same with Viking fans, they are ridiculously annoying and fair weather.  To end all arguments, Packer fans can just bring up the lack of a title to finally shut these people up.  Favre could end that.  For that, he should be booed.


4.  He could get Childress Fired – A sublot to watch out for this season is if the Vikes crumble down the stretch, Childress will get the axe because he got his guy in Favre.  It would be a real shame for our rival to lose a coach as incompetent as a man who only handed the ball 18 times to the best player in the NFL in a close game.


5.  Support Rodgers- Any support shown to Favre will be a slap at Rodgers.  Even if you do not mean it in that way.   Rodgers already has had a tough time claiming this as his team, and another indirect shot at him is not needed.  Rodgers is a very good QB and would not have trouble getting work elsewhere, we do not need to piss off our franchise QB.


6.  This game could Be for the Division - This game could very well decide the division, the visiting QB should feel as uncomfortable as possible.  He should be booed.


7.  Favre Volunteered Info to Opponents- No matter how much detail Favre gave away, it was confirmed that he did volunteer info to the Lions last season at the very least.  I understand him being angry with the front office, but his former teammates?  It is one thing to give info to the team he went to, the Jets, but to volunteer info to teams not even on his own schedule seems odd.


8.  Favres Continually Slaps Packers Fans in Face -From the wishy-washy off-seasons to mentioning this Viking team being better than the 96 Super Bowl Winning Packers to now displaying what a great teammate he is, I am sick of it.  He has no idea the riff he has caused within Packer fans, or he does know and doesn’t care.  Either way this game is a chance to voice our disapproval of his actions.


When to Cheer Favre -Cheer him Whenever his Jersey is retired.  This is when we as fans can give Favre the rousing applause he deserves for his years of service.

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