Warriors are a Fun Watch and Nightly NBA Picks


DirectTv is offering free NBA League Pass for the first week of the season, it gives fans like me a chance to watch some other teams around the league that I rarely get to see.  I know Lebron is a great player, and because of him the Cavs are a playoff team, but my god are they boring to watch.  It is just Lebron, in a 1-4 set, he drives into the lane and he gets fouled, kicks it out for a three, or shoots.  They are so painful to watch and they are on TV more than any other team.  UGH.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Warriors, they are not that good, but they are very entertaining.  I would guess they will be a borderline playoff team in the West.  Meaning they would be the 3 seed in the East!  They play an uptempo style and have several entertaining players, Curry, Randolph, Ellis, Jackson, Maggette, Azuibukieasdfahsdf, and Morrow.  I would much rather watch an OK Warriors team than having to suffer through three hours of a Lebron free throw contest.


Nightly Picks

The picks are off to a rough start, 2-6.  It may be wise to check my picks on a daily basis, then bet the other way, then go buy a new house in cash at the end of the year.

Spurs -2.5




Blazers -8


Pick Standings

Were Bucked   2-6

Wundy               4-0

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