Hopefully the Bucks can ease Packer Fans Pain, NBA Picks

I am glad it is over, the whole Favre-Packer mess should at least quite down now for the rest of the year.  That is really all I have to say at this point regarding the Packers unless something changes philosophically in the way they are coached.  Penalties, bad special teams, too many sacks, this season really does feel like the movie Groundhog Day.  

I was at the game yesterday and was not far from considering leaving when it was 24-3.  In fact, we agreed to see what they can  do one last time with the ball.  And again, the Packers teased us with a nice comeback that fell short.  They have enough talent to beat bad teams and make enough mistakes to lose to good teams.


On the bright side for Wisconsin sports fans the Bucks showed a spark in the home opener win over Detroit.  Unfortunately, I missed the game due to a  wedding I was in this weekend.  Hopefully, Brandon Jennings can be the spark/star/focal point we really need for the Bucks to be exciting again.  I had hoped all off-season that the drafting of Jennings and signing of Hakim Warrick could at least make the Bucks exciting to watch, and Saturday night was one instance where that was the case.  I am really looking forward to watching the Bucks-Bulls game on Tuesday.  How many Wisconsin sports fans have said that in the last two decades?  That they were more interested in the upcoming Bucks game than the upcoming Packer game this early in November?

Nightly NBA Picks

The weekend is over and my picks are back.  Thank god I do not bet with real money on regular season NBA.   Feel free to enter any NBA picks you have, I will keep a running total of any picks entered.


Sacramento -1



Clippers -8.5


Hornets -2.5




Were Bucked 3-7

Wundy 5-5

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