Is Jennings a Left Handed Chris Paul?

I know it is way too early to make the comparison, but you have to excuse us Bucks fans since we have had so very little to cheer about since the Bucks lost in the Finals to the Sixers in 2001.  Then, DICKHEAD(George Karl) dismantled the team, then took off. 


What an asshole, I hate the fact he gets propped up on ESPN or by any other media outlet for being such a great coach.  He left the Sonics a mess, left the Bucks a mess, and will leave Denver a mess.  Just wait, if he gets his way he will find a way to trade Carmelo and get nothing in return.  Just like he did with Ray Allen for a washed up Gary Payton, who left after 20 games, or as  I like to call the trade, the franchise killer.

Jennings finally gives us some hope, he took control of the game against the Nuggets.  That is what stars do.  I found it comical that before the game ESPN had moved Jennings down to 4th in its rookie ratings, then after the Nuggets game he was back at one.  ESPN wants the other rookies to be better, but they just aren’t, Jennings has a confidence and swagger to go along with incredible ability that as a package is much better than a lot of “experts” want to admit.

During the Nuggets game when Jennings hit his second three, the step-back, I am ending this game right here three, you could see the Nuggets bench on TV and could lipread Chris Anderson saying “WOW”!  That is what Jennings is, “WOW”, but he also has substance to his game which many thought he would not have.  Chris Paul is a better shooter, but not as quick.   The comparison between the two is not that ridiculous.  Jennings needs to prove it over the entire year, but at least it is a good start. 

It is clear that Jennings shot got some obvious work in Europe because his jumpshot  is much better than anybody projected.  I would have to say the European experience has had a greater impact on Jennings that anybody in the States wants to admit.  Not just because he was humbled or got used to the rigors of a longer season.  No, he got better coaching.  College kids are coached only up to win for that season, for that coach.  There is so little practice time that players rarely improve in college anymore.  Jennings got a ton of work oversees and it shows.


NBA Picks

Denver -4, Boston -8.5, Philly -2


We’re Bucked  10-16

Wundy 12-12

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  • wundy

    I am taking Utah +13, NO +12.5, and CHi -6.5, Packers get down big early, make it close in the end again just to make us think they aren’t that bad, but they are.
    Any GM that ha

  • wundy

    Any GM that hangs on to Jaret Bush, Justin Harrell this long is not doing his job. I was behind MM and TT for a while thinking they would turn it around but they haven’t changed anything. If you don’t adjust in the NFL you will fail. I severly underestimated how much “coaching and perseverance” Favre brought to that team.

  • wundy

    When was the last time the bucks were favored by 8?

  • Justin Malaise

    Even with a good win, I think the coach is a big problem. It has become extremely clear to me that Favre was probably not changing plays during the 2007 season, but there is no doubt he changed routes constantly. My guess is he would call the play, but direct Jennings/Driver/Jones to a different route.

    Like I said big win, but penalties, more sacks, and they keep going away from the run. I do not want anything to do with any of these west coast guys anymore. They all want to pass all the time. Reid, McCarthy, Holmgren, Childress, they all call way too many passes.