Bucks PER Ratings

We are now on the other side of the All-Star break, a good second half and the Bucks have a shot for the playoffs.  If given this option at the beginning of the season, all Buck fans would have jumped at it.

One main reason for the Bucks success is they have five guys with a very respectable PER.  A PER of 15 is considered the baseline for an average PER. 

Ersan Ilyasova 15.88

Hakim Warrick 15.75

Andrew Bogut 20.78

Luke Ridnour 18.22

Brandon Jennings 15.26

Interestingly, Ersan and Warrick surround Charlie V in the PF PER ratings, proving that he was expendable.

Richard Jefferson’s PER is a very pedestrian 12.17.

To go along with these players having very good PER seasons, glue players like Mbah ah Moute, Carlos Delfino, and Charlie Bell have been a plus as well.  The team is now completely without Redd for the rest of the season.  I felt the team as been much better without Redd, and will get the rest of the season to show it.

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