Bucks OffSeason Checklist: Sign Salmons

I was going to go into a whole season review and then start listing things the Bucks need to take care of, but this article on JSOnline sparked my desire to get one TODO item written.  Sign John Salmons.

The Bucks did an amazing job turning over the roster last year on a limited budget.  But with all the wheeling and dealing there were three things that really made the most difference personnel-wise.  The drafting of Brandon Jennings, the trade for John Salmons, and the improvement of Ersan.  The wheeling and dealing did bring in Hakim Warrick on the cheap, which we were then able to use in a trade for Salmons.

I foresee similar moves this summer, the Bucks will wait out the market and some players will be standing when the music stops with nowhere to sit.  At least I hope that happens.  The big name free agents Lebron, Bosh, and Wade will get theirs.  Then somebody will overpay for Joe Johnson and others.  After the big guys get their money the stars and marginal stars will get overpaid which at some point should leave some quality role players available.

Do not let Salmons become one of the marginal stars that gets overpaid.  If he reaches the free agent market I do not think the Bucks will have a chance at him.  There are too many teams with money to burn and in the NBA these teams treat that money like kids treat an allowance, they feel they must spend it all.

I do not need to regurgitate how vital Salmons was to the Bucks success in the second half of the season.  He is an important piece.  A go-to player down the stretch.  A willing defender.  And a good personality to fit into the Bucks team-first mix.

I am on the side of signing Salmons to the 4 years 27 million.  That is only 8million a year, this is not the 18/year that Redd gets.  I hope it works out.

  • William LaSuer

    With regard to signing Salmon to a $27 million 4 year deal, how does that come out to $8 million a year. Back to 3rd grade math for you!

  • Justin Malaise

    Yes, I agree. I didn’t word it correctly but with the way NBA contracts are structured and increase each year, the final year would likely be over 8million.

  • http://foxsports.com D. Rideout

    Nobody is paying attention right now so I can say it; the only players the Bucks have to keep are Bogut and Jennings. Everyone else is expendable. Salmons gave a great effort during the playoffs but his skill set is replaceable. When you start worrying about what somebody else will pay your free agents your taking the wrong view. Joe Johnson would be an upgrade over both salmons and Redd. While fans in the Milwaukee Market might feel he will be overpaid, I believe with a better inside presence like Bogut and some may say a more stable supporting cast than what he has in Atlanta, he could put the Bucks in a position to challenge for the Eastern conf. title.

  • Justin Malaise

    I would love Joe Johnson over Salmons but I see no way that being possible until Redd and Gadzuric are off the books. Until there is some financial freedom the Bucks will have limited options so if they can keep Salmons it makes sense.

    If the argument was Johnson for more money or a cheaper Salmons I would rather pay more for Johnson. I just see no way of that being possible.

    Another argument down the road could be “Should the Bucks move Bogut?” The primary arguments would be
    A What do we get back.
    B After last season how good is the market for him
    C Can a small market team afford to have its top paid player somewhat independable.

    This is an argument more for discussion than reality.