Sports Fans: Can You Change a Tire?

This topic was brought up on the Dan Patrick radio show this morning and it spiked my curiosity.  Can the average sports fan change a tire?

I am from a rural area so it is a prerequisite to being a man to be able to change a tire, or at least that is what the general thought is.  With that being said I know plenty of people who cannot change a tire.  I also know a lot of women, and not just beefy women, who can change a tire.

My Tire Changing Ability

I am in a manual wheelchair and about eight years ago I had to test my tire-changing ability.  I was driving to work, 45 minute commute, on Wisconsin backroads when my car started acting odd, I swerved a little and a ton of black smoke appeared in my rear view window.  I figured it was a flat. 

I was not sure if I could change the tire from my chair as I had never tried since I had gotten paralyzed.  I found a driveway to pull into and stopped the car.  My plan was to start the process with the hope that somebody drove by and saw this idiot in a wheelchair trying to change a tire.  I got everything out, read the instructions, and ended up changing the tire.

I do not want to sound patronizing or sarcastic but it really is very simple once you are able to get everything out of the trunk.  If you are on the side of a busy road or are not strong enough than I would recommend just calling someone.  If you are strong enough and are in a safe location to attempt it most men should have no problem.

Can you change a tire?  Have you had to?  Did you just call TripleA?

I am more curious than anything.  I truly feel if any guy just calms down and tries to do it, he can.  I also feel that most women could do it well enough to get to a gas station if needed.

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