Who Would You Take Over Rondo?

One thing is becoming apparent during this 2010 NBA Playoffs, Rajon Rondo is an amazing player and quickly becoming my favorite non-Buck in the league.  He is an incredible athlete, with maybe only Derrick Rose in his league athletically at the point.  Rondo also flashes playground flair several times a game that make him really fun to watch, not too much playground, but a little.   The speed with which Rondo attacks on the fast break on turnovers, rebounds, or maybe more impressively, opponent made baskets, create numerous easy opportunities for easy points for himself or teammates. 

This all leads me to the thought, if you were starting a team today, who would you take first to start your team before you took Rondo?

Group One

There are some main names that I will not even argue:  Lebron, Kobe, Wade.  Those three will not be argued. 

Next Tier

After the big three, the next tier if you will:  Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant are two players that should/would go before Rondo.  Now it gets interesting for me.  My next list includes Carmelo, Bosh, Duncan, Paul, Nowitzki, Deron Williams, Nash, and Brandon Roy.

I would take Rondo over all of his Boston teammates at this point.  Pierce, Allen and Garnett have been great players for many years who all may end up in the hall of fame, but as of today, this is Rondo’s team.  Therefore I remove all three from consideration.

Rondo or Carmelo?

This one is tough but due to the rules allowing point guards to dominate I would go with Rondo.  This could all change next year but as of today I would go Rondo.

Rondo or Bosh?

I go Rondo, Rondo is becoming or now is, a number one option.  Bosh seems like a great number 2.  I would not start my team with a great 2.

Rondo or Duncan, Nowitzki

Rondo due to age.  Duncan is on the downside of his career and it could be argued that even at Nowitzki’s absolute peek his game’s strengths have not related to postseason success.  A few years ago Duncan would have gotten the nod, not the same with Nowitzki.

Rondo or Nash

Age and defense give this to Rondo for me.  The common argument is how would player A do with player B’s team.  This is one case where that comparison does not work, Nash needs a flowing offense where he almost hides on defense.  Rondo makes plays on defense and is among the best point guard defenders.  Nash is fun to watch, in the regular season.

Rondo or Deron Williams

I take Rondo.  I know Rondo has more help and Williams has to carry more of the load but I just like the overall athletic package that Rondo brings to the table.  I also love the fact that Rondo is still improving, he may not have reached his ceiling yet whereas I think Williams has peaked.

Rondo or Brandon Roy

I give this a tossup.  Roy handles the ball like a point guard at the end of a game, the offense goes through him.  That makes him much more valuable than any scorer who plays off the ball.  Roy has an all-around game.  I still cannot decide.

Rondo or Chris Paul

The NBA and we as fans really need 1.  Chris Paul to get healthy  2.  The Hornets to get back into the postseason.  Paul is such a great player and we have had another postseason with no impact from Paul.  I would give this comparison an incomplete at this time due to Paul’s nagging injuries.  I could not in my right mind start a team with an injured Paul over a healthy Rondo.

Rondo or Brian Scalabrine

Just kidding, seeing if anybody fell asleep.

Final List

This leaves me with a list of

Group 1:  Kobe, Lebron, Wade

Group 2: Howard, Durant

Group 3:  Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Rajon Rondo

There are only five players in the NBA I would take before I would take Rondo.  That may explain Boston’s success this postseason, they have the 6th best player in the NBA along with three potential hall of famers and a standout defender in Kendrick Perkins.

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  • Sachin

    Listen, point guard wise, if Derrick Rose was on the Celtics, he would be better than Lebron. He isn’t even as valuable as 5-10 point guards, let alone best player. Chris Paul(don’t disrespect the Don, Chauncey Billups(much tougher), Gilbert Arenas (when he plays),Steve Nash (don’t even talk), and Deron Williams (who’s team is stacked, but not with three hall of famers)

  • Justin Malaise

    The Celtics are aged at this point. To win NBA titles you need to have a top player and if the Celtics get there it will be Rondo’s team.

    Putting Arenas ahead of Rondo is a joke, right?
    Why did Billups team do nothing in the first round? Even without Karl and with that much talent, Billups should have gotten them farther.

    Rose could be an argument down the road but both players have issues with shooting and Rondo has been healthier.

    Nash’s defense is an issue, he is a liability on that end whereas Rondo is a great perimiter defender.

    Rondo’s rebounding is another thing that stands out against other point guards.

    And, I didn’t take Rondo over Paul, we all just need Paul to get healthy and for the Hornets to become relevant.

  • http://googles Joe Harris

    Rondo is the best point gaurd out there,by for and is getting better each year.

    • Justin Malaise

      If they win a title this year with Rondo as their best player any discussion regarding the best point guard in the league will have to start with him.