Would Bucks Take Wall at #1?

Strictly hypothetical since the Bucks do not have the number one pick and do not have to deal with this problem/benefit.  Since we have what seems like a month until the Game 3’s of the Conference Finals resume let’s play the speculation game.

What If?

In the Bucks-Bulls trade for Salmons the trade did not protect the Bulls during the swap of the picks, AND the Bulls did not make the playoffs, AND the Bulls ended up winning the lottery again but had to send the pick to the Bucks.  That is a lot of if/ands/buts  BUT what else is there to discuss than meaningless, impossible scenarios on a blog!

Assuming Bucks had #1 Pick

What should they do?  Brandon Jennings was brought in last year at #10 and flourished, providing a future building block for the team.  A quick point guard who can break down a defense with penetration, setup teammates and score.  Even with my lofty expectations of Jennings he was able to outperform those and develop into a potential star in the league.  Which brings us to this issue, would we take another young standout point guard?

Playing Together

Could Jennings and Wall play together?  I say no because neither is more of a scoring guard disguised as a point guard that a true point guard.  While it would be good to have two athletes like Jennings and Wall on the floor together one needs to be an accurate shooter with a minimal ability to hit wide open jumpers to keep the defense honest. 

Because they are both true point guards I do not think playing together would work.

Take Someone Else

If Wall is out as the pick than what about taking someone else.  Maybe Evan Turner.  I personally hate this move.  I would rather have a logjam at PG with two young studs than knowingly passing on the best player in the draft.  I think Turner is an OK prospect, I like him much more as an underdog than as a favorite.  I just do not feel he is better than Favors or Cousins as a prospect but that may be my Badger bias.  To me Turner seems like a good college player that could develop into a poor man’s Brandon Roy, but I feel very poor man’s version.  I do not see Turner being an all star in the NBA.

Like I said, if Turner was coming into this draft as more of an underdog in the mid to late lottery I would like him a lot more. 

I just feel it can be franshise suicide to pass over a KNOWN better prospect.  Mike Jordan.  Darko over Carmelo.  Not good.

Trade the Pick

The next move would be to trade the pick.  This still has some risk because I feel it is a fancy way of passing over the best player in the draft.  But, if your franchise is set on not taking Wall, this is much better than reaching for Turner.  I really like Favors and Cousins, especially for the Bucks.  They both fit in as athletic 4s the Bucks really need.

To make the trade work the Bucks could get a player and swap the pick, maybe even more.

What would you do?  Take Wall and deal with the logjam but sleep well at night knowing you did not pass on the best prospect?  Take Turner?  Trade the pick, but make sure you stayed in the top 4?  Trade further down but get more players?

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