Cristiano Ronaldo and Alex Rodriquez Easy to Dislike

Watching the World Cup I cannot help but feel Cristiano Ronaldo, the star for Portuguel, and Alex Rodriguez are the same players, different sport.  From my point of view they look similar, act similar, and excluding last seasons New York Yankee World Series victory, neither has enjoyed great team success and both are easy to dislike.

Note:  I am mainly using Portugal as my example of Ronaldo’s lack of success, I do not follow soccer nearly enough to know everything about is club teams’ success.

Easy to Dislike

I find both guys extremely easy to dislike.  Be it the looks, success, fame or money, I have no problem rooting against either player.

Cristiano Ronaldo will lead the World Cup in acting like he was just shot by a sniper.  I have not seen a player consistently flop as much as him.  He also made himself a villain in the last World Cup by getting club teammate Wayne Rooney tossed from the game, then gave a wink to his bench.  When watching that live I could not help but feel a Seinfeld flashback, “I hate that guy, He is soooo snub!”

ARod may not be a whiner or flopper, but he has taken a beating for the way he acted during the 2004 playoff loss to the Red Sox, which included him taking the ball out of the first baseman’s glove. 

He also has taken some heat for hitting on teammates girlfriends.

These facts/rumors make either player easy to dislike.


Both have been or are the highest paid player in their sport.  Unless that player wins a World Cup, or multiple World Series, the obscenely high salaries always work against these guys.  I would not turn down the money, and neither should they, but with the endorsement dollars each get they may be better off trying to be the 2nd highest paid guy in their sport, or a contract stipulation that always puts them in the top five.

I am not sure if that could work, but it would work for them.  Any money lost they both will make up in endorsements while not being a hated target which adds more pressure than I think either let on.

Not Living Up

Both have made a ton of money so in many ways will be more successful in that aspect than many of us can dream.  But when it comes to being the man at the right time, neither has lived up to their money or promise.

ARod got a World Series win last year but only after being with the Yankees in a year they made damn sure every possible dollar and resource was spent to get a title.   The fact that the Yankees never miss a postseason is a reason baseball sucks.  Money talks in that sport no matter how much “experts” try to tell us their is parity.  ARod was labeled as the best player ever.  The best player ever should have more than one title if he spends over half his career on the team with the highest payroll in baseball.

Cristiano Ronaldo started this World Cup with a draw with Brazil still in his group so advancing to the elimination round is not a given.  Portugal did make a solid run last year but were eliminated before the final.  For as deadly as Ronaldo is as a striker and all his speed and size, more SHOULD be expected.

Really it all comes down to money, looks, fame, women and lack of winning.  Tom Brady gets a complete pass from fans.  He is good looking, has loads of money, very famous, and married to one of the hottest women in the world, yet it is because of his winning that you rarely hear a bad word about Brady, beyond rival fans.

If ARod wins a couple more World Series and Ronaldo can win the World Cup, neither would be disliked nearly as much as they currently are.  In America we like winners, not pretty boys that should win but don’t.

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