My Bucks Draft Hope: No Gordon Hayward

The NBA draft is right around the corner, Thursday night, and I have to admit as a Bucks fan it is one that does not blow my socks off.  The problem with the NBA Draft is if your team is out of the top five, let alone out of the lottery, it is very tough to project who will be there.  We know of a bunch of guys that will be there, all of which could be considered late first/second round players.  We also know of some players that will not be there, the elite top five or six players.  The Bucks are stuck in the middle, drafting at number 15 makes it tough to get excited and tough to project.

For the next couple of days I will be throwing out some of my draft hopes.

I want and hope the Bucks get the best possible player.  We know John Wall, Derrick Favors, Evan Turner and DeMarcus Cousins will be gone.  It is also very likely Wesley Johnson, Greg Monroe and Al-Farouq Aminu will be gone.  I would be very surprised if all seven of those players are not picked in the top 8-12 picks.

Who does that leave? 

Ed Davis, Luke Babbitt, Ekpe Udoh, Xavier Henry, Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Gordon Hayward.  Of the fifteen players mentioned the Bucks will get a shot at one of those players.  Of this second group of players it is likely Davis, Babbitt, and Udoh will be gone according to most draft projections I have seen leaving us Xavier Henry, Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Gordon Hayward to mull over.

Gordon Hayward   

I hope the Bucks do not go with Hayward.

I am sure he is a good guy, teammate and player but he doesn’t knock my socks off.  All I remember was Hayward struggling to get his shot off against Duke in the National Title game and guys in the NBA can bring the defense at a much higher level than Duke can.  I just do not see Hayward as a legit top 20 prospect, unless this draft is that weak. 

Is Gordon Hayward any better than Adam Morrison from Gonzaga a couple years ago?   I foresee another talented lanky college player that does not have enough special skills to make his mark in the NBA.  Hayward’s three point shooting dropped last year and if that was a fluke, than maybe he can find a niche as a 3/4 that can help stretch a defense.  Don’t the Bucks already have Ersan to fill that role?

If Hayward is the last of the top 15 left I would rather see the Bucks take Damion James, Avery Bradley or Jordan Crawford.  I want a guy with a definite skill set, something that will allow that player to stick and contribute in the NBA.   I think James could rebound and defend at the NBA level, Crawford can score and Bradley can defend and run with Jennings.

I wish Hayward the best but I would not be excited if he is a Buck.

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