NBA Free Agency Predictions

Each NBA blogger at Fansided was asked to give a destination prediction for a few of the summer’s free agents, the article.  Here are the free agents we were asked to predict and my predictions:

Lebron James – Chicago Bulls

I do not think James will stay in Cleveland, I think he feels like, been there, done that.  I also do not think he will go to Miami because he would not only share being the main guy with Dwayne Wade but would take on criticism for needing another superstar to get a ring.  Wade and James are the top two players in the league, Jordan had Pippen, not Barkely, Isiah or Hakeem.  Pippen was not a stand-alone top three player in the league, James and Wade are.  James could go to the Bulls and win titles while getting most of the credit and the Bulls have real talent, Derrick Rose, Joachim Noah and Luoul Deng are better than anything he had in Cleveland.

Dwayne Wade – Miami Heat

I have never really felt Wade would leave.  The team has a ton of cap space so they WILL be getting some help.  Would you leave Miami for New York?  New Jersey?  Plus, Wade has already won a title so the pressures are different than they are for Lebron James.

Chris Bosh – Dallas Mavericks

This is kind of a wild card but here is my reasoning.  This is the biggest free agency year ever, do you think Mark Cuban will not get involved?  It has been made clear that Bosh will likely be involved with a sign and trade but Miami has nothing to trade and the Bulls will not trade Joachim Noah for Bosh.  I do not see Bosh going to the Nets, he doesn’t fit in with the Knicks, so I see Dallas as a possibility here.  If Cuban wants him, he has the resources to make a trade and the ability to sell a free agent on being the centerpiece in an income tax free state.

Dirk Nowitzki – New York Knicks

I was surprised Dirk opted out which had me thinking there is more going on in Dallas.  Maybe it is just time for a split, the years have been nice but it might be best for both sides to move on.  Dirk could flourish in the Knicks open system and could become a much more recognized star league-wide than he has been at Dallas.

Amare Stoudemire – Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are getting someone, that someone will be paid the max.  Amare expects max money, Amare should not be a max player.  On one side a guy will get overpaid, on the other side a team will overpay to save face. 

Joe Johnson – New York Knicks

New York will get something to keep the fans happy and that something will be Joe Johnson.  If my above prediction is correct, Nowitzki and Johnson would at least make the Knicks very entertaining to watch.  Johnson is another player that should not be getting max money but the Knicks are another desperate team.

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