Should Jets Cave In To Darrelle Revis?

It is football season, so I will be having some football posts until basketball picks back up.

Unless you have been in a coma, you are aware of the Darrelle Revis holdout from the New York Jets.  Don Banks from SI thinks that Revis will eventually win the standoff.  My question centers around whether or not the Jets “should” cave in to his demands from the team’s perspective, player’s perspective and fan’s perspective.


This could be a dangerous precedent set if they do cave in since Revis has multiple years left on his rookie contract.  At the same time the Jets are hell-bent on getting to and winning the Super Bowl and they are not shy about that.  Can they make it to the Super Bowl without their best player?   The team is going to lose the staring contest.  If the Jets are going to hold their ground up until this point, they better be ready for the long haul because I do not think Revis will cave.


Revis’s teammates want him there.  And if Revis gets money it will be easier for them to renegotiate in the future because of this.  Players always want their best teammates playing, no matter what gets done financially.  It reminds of when Emmitt Smith held out from the Cowboys after their first Super Bowl win in the early 90s.  Emmitt held out, the Cowboys lost two, Emmitt got his money, the players were happy and won the Super Bowl.


If I were a Jets fan I would absolutely want to have Revis in no matter the cost.  As a fan I do not care about future cap, (if there is a cap), implications, I want to freaking win now.  Fans are gouged by the teams enough as it is, now the team is going to complain about its best player costing too much?  Fans do not want to hear it, get the damn star signed.

My View

Is a corner worth as much as Revis is asking?  The only defensive position that should be paid what Revis is asking for is a  pass rusher.  Jared Allen, and then nobody off the top of my head, should be paid as much as Revis is asking for on the defensive side since a pass rusher can wreak havoc in multiple ways.

Revis is a shutdown corner, but can easily be taken out of the game.  The impact a corner can make can be completely negated.  Whoever Revis is covering, hot route the receiver to a fly to take Revis out of the play.  There, Revis will spend the entire game 50 yards from the action.

I am glad the Packers do not have this problem.  The best player for the Packers is Aaron Rodgers, if Rodgers wanted more money he would get it in an instant, because he is a quarterback and worth the money.

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