College Football: What I Saw, What I Think, Week 1

It is great to have football back.  It gives my week much more to look forward to.  Last week was the first week of college football and this week we get the NFL as well as several interesting college games.  Love the fall.

I watched a lot of college football this weekend starting on Thursday and going through the weekend.  Most of my thoughts on each College Football weekend will be quick-hitter, bullet point style, a couple will be their own paragraph.


I know it was UNLV, but I thought the Badgers looked very impressive.  This is the same place the Badgers struggled to a late score win a couple seasons ago.  This was not the case Saturday, the Badgers looked big, strong, and explosive.  They always have a massive offensive line but this line finds a way to always get a hat on a guy.  Some of the past lines just leaned on guys.  I cannot wait for some of the big games this season to get a gauge on how good Wisconsin really is, especially the Ohio State game.

Also, how many Chris Borlands are on the field?  Is it just me or does he seem to be everywhere!  Should be an exciting season for Wisconsin.

Boise State

The way Boise started the game was very impressive.  It is what we have come to expect from Boise in a big game, they will be prepared and come out with their hair on fire.  However, what happened from the mid second quarter on is the argument many have against them as being legit if they were in a major conference, Boise wore down.  What would happen if they had to play big time teams back to back, or two out of three games? 

What Boise is able to do is very impressive but I was not at all swayed by their performance to thinking they are a legit title contender.  They completely wore down, I did not see that from Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech had to settle into the game, as with most top BCS schools, Tech is replacing a lot of starters and guys from their two-deep.  By the end of the year Virginia Tech will be much better than they were last night, Boise may be just as good in November as they were last night.

They will remain a good story, and may even bust the entire BCS system and force a playoff.  For that reason alone I will be cheering for them.  But I do not think this team would do very well in a 4 or 8 team playoff.  The back to back games against top teams would wear them down, but they would be really tough in the first game when it comes down to coaching and preparation.  In those two aspects of football nobody can touch Boise.

What I Saw/What I Think

  • Michigan finally has a quarterback and they look dangerous for the next few years.  If they fire RichRod this year that program is crazy, this team has a chance to be great next year.
  • Notre Dame looked solid in a win over Purdue.  Brian Kelly was the best option for this program and he will bring them closer to prominence than his predecessors, but not this year.
  • Florida and Oklahoma had much closer games than expected.  By the end of the year NOBODY will want anything to do with either team.  Their respective leagues better hope both teams get upset along the way during their growing pains because each has an immense amount of speed and skill.  Both just need experience.
  • USC was disappointing.  The defense gave up too much garbage late for my liking.  I expected USC to make a statement in every nationally televised game they have and it did not happen against Hawaii.  It might be hypocritical that I give Florida and Oklahoma a break but USC has no postseason and did not finish the game like they really cared, that bothered me. 

In general week 2 will give us much more to think about than week 1.  Here are some of the enticing matchups in week 2, Alabama-Penn State, Miami-Ohio State, Florida State-Oklahoma, Georgia-South Carolina and South Florida-Florida.  Very quickly we will get some separation at the top of college football.


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