'The League' Needs To Drop Taco; NBA Pick; NFL Week 9 Picks

I really like The League. I have watched every episode since the series started last year.  Yes, it has some flaws that many people have pointed out and here are a few of mine:

  • 8 man league, who do you know is actually in an 8 man league, AND CARES.  The series did address this in the opening episode by admitting the league was lame with only 8.
  • Do these guys actually know anything about football or just know fantasy?  Which is fine because a lot of fantasy geeks do know very little about the sport, just the stats, but it is frustrating to those of us who think we have a clue.  (Which we really don’t.)
  • These men are all from Chicago, are at a bar while the Bears are in a close game and have the tv changed from the Bear game to a game with fantasy implications.  Nobody would do this but extreme nerds.  Anybody who likes football at all would keep the game on their team and follow the other game with their phone.

For me the show makes up for these faults for one big reason, mean spirited humor.  They razz each other, a lot.  Even if the show really misses the boat on how guys are as fans they nail how mean men are to each other.  How mean we are to even really good friends.  In fact the only way to know if my friends or I  give a crap whether another guy is around is by the level we bust each other’s chops.  The show hits this pretty well.

What the show needs to drop and drop now is the character Taco.  He brings absolutely nothing to the show at this point.  He is not good looking enough to just be a lady-killing slacker.  By the way, do chicks even dig out of work slackers in their 30s?  I understand this type of guy does well in his early 20s, but 30s?  Anyways, I would much rather have the inapporpriate Ravi, Ruxen’s brother in law, replace Taco in the show.  Some of the biggest laughs of the season have come from Ravi, “Sometimes I shit when I puke”, “Lets all get a chick pregnant tonight” were a couple.  While all Taco gives us is another stupid song that is rarely funny.

Please, drop Taco and bring Ravi in full time.

NFL Picks

Chicago -3 @ Buffalo - The Bills get their first win.

San Diego -3 @ Houston - I cannot trust either team, but I trust the Chargers much less on the road.

New Orleans -6.5 @ Carolina – Feels like a trap but I do not care, the Panthers are bad.

Arizona @ Minnesota -8 – Minnesota will jump right back into the contender talk with one home win over a weak NFC West team.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta -8.5 – I do not like either team, I think both are overrated now.

NY Jets -4 @ Detroit – The Lions are getting too much buzz now for a team that has won two games.  They can move the ball but lets not kid ourselves about them.  The Jets will play angry.

Miami @ Baltimore -5 – Miami will find a way to make this ugly and close.

New England -4.5 @ Cleveland - Just a feeling, the Pats have had a lot of big games in a row and may lay an egg here.

NY Giants -7 @ Seattle- Even with Hasselback out I think Seattle will find some weird ways to score and keep this close.

Kansas City @ Oakland -2.5 – I think the Raiders are better right now.

Indy@ Philly -3 – The Colts are in the middle of their typical midseason run of wins.

Dallas @ Green Bay -7.5  – I will continue to go against the Packers if they keep winning.  Reverse Jinx.

Pittsburgh-5 @ Cincy – The Bengals suck.

NBA Pick

Milwaukee @ Indiana -2 – In a 82 game season there are no must win games but the Bucks are getting close to really needing a game.  After a bad loss to Portland and tough loss to Boston I think the Bucks will get a win tonight.

Chicago@ Boston -8 – This pick is based on Chicago’s loss last night to New York.  I think Boston wins but itwill be a close game.

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