NFL Thurday Night Pick Falcons vs Ravens

The NFL Thursday night games start tonight with a good one, Baltimore @ Atlanta.

Baltimore @ Atlanta -1 - Honestly I think both of these teams are overrated.  I think both are quality playoff teams but I do not see either one as a Super Bowl contender at this point.  I have not seen enough of either team on the road, or even at home against good competition.

Baltimore’s best win came week one at the Jets, which feels like years ago.  After that, the best win is either Pittsburgh without Big Ben or maybe Cleveland.  Cleveland.

Atlanta’s resume is not a ton better, the best win came at New Orleans on a missed gimme fg by New Orleans.  And this is when New Orleans was far from a well-oiled machine.

One of these teams will get their first legit win tonight since September and I will take the home team on a short week.

  • ryan

    Not impressed with either team, Atlanta will be tough at home in the playoffs but Batimores D is average at best,they missed so many tackles not used to that. How does Matt Millen have a job? He is terrible, he always says, watch this then tells me what I am watching thanks assclown, no insight.
    The league and sunny were hilarious last night, Lethal Weapon 5!!! and “is that turtle neck silk?”

  • Justin Malaise

    The League, Sunny and Outsourced are my three favorite shows right now.

    I think Atlanta is only good at home, and I still argue how good they really are. Everybody wants to annoint Matt Ryan as a top QB but within the same sentence say he needs a running game. ELITE QBS are ELITE QBS, they do not need running games. What running game does Mannings, Brees, Brady, Rivers and Rodgers have? What running game did Favre have for the majority of his MVP years in the 90s?

    Baltimore cannot cover and cannot get to the QB. We did not see a possible Super Champ last night. Still comes down to Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Green Bay, Jets, Giants, and possibly Minnesota as teams I truly think are good enough to win three(or more) in a row against good competition. And I am not sold on the New York teams either.