Will Packers Extend Streak? Week 11 NFL Picks

The Bears won again last night so the Packers will need a win at Minnesota to keep pace in the division.  The Bears schedule toughens up with losable games coming against the Eagles, Patriots, Jets, Packers, Vikings and Lions but it is starting to feel like things are breaking right for the Bears. 

  • Because of schedule setup the Packers play at Atlanta, while the Bears drew Carolina(worst team in NFL).
  • The Bears get what appeared to be a tough Thursday road game but instead got to play a third string QB on a short week with a banged up OLine.
  • The Detroit game.
  • The funky win over Green Bay, penalties, punt return, block fg, Jones odd fumble that stayed in bounds.

Week 11 Picks

Oakland @ Pittsburgh-7 – The Steelers have played two great QBs in a row, they will suddenly look great again after this game.

Houston @ Jets -7 – Just a feeling.

Baltimore -10 @ Carolina – What a dud game.

Washington @ Tennessee -7 – Cannot trust either team.

Detroit @ Dallas -6.5 – Not sure if he will work long term but Garret did have the Boys looking more interested.

Green Bay -3 @ Minnesota – Come on Pack.

Buffalo @ Cincy -5.5 – Another dud.

Cleveland@ Jax -1.5 – And another.  Cleveland has become one of the few teams that you can trust will bring it each week.

Arizona @ KC -8 – The Chiefs are angry after two straight losses.

Seattle @ NO -11.5 – Seattle sucks, and winning last week only gives them false confidence.

Atlanta -3 @ St Louis – I wanted to pick the Rams but I watched the 49er game and the Rams really have trouble moving the ball.

Tampa Bay @ SF -3 – I do not trust Tampa.

Indy @ NE -4 – I am going with Peyton.

Giants @ Philly -3 – I didn’t love the Giants before last week, now I don’t know if I even like them.  They feel like bullies to me.

Denver @ SD-10 – Rivers will light it up in primetime.

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