Packers Get Into Playoffs, Face Eagles; Badgers Lose Rose

The Packers survived a hard-fought divisional battle yesterday over Chicago 10-3.  Chicago did not pull any punches or starters.  All week Lovie Smith would not back down on his stance that he would play to win, nobody believed him.  By the fourth quarter he had a ton of believers, mostly extremely nervous Packer fans.  I really expected to see Urlacher, Peppers and possibly Forte and Cutler to be pulled by the fourth but the Bears kept them in.

I liked that by the Bears.  You already have a week off, why take two?  I am not sure if the Bears leaving their players in speaks more to their fear of letting Green Bay in or just the desire of Smith to beat Green Bay whenever he can.  Whatever the reason the Bears did Green Bay a favor.  This is a team that struggles with over-confidence, when things are rolling too well, especially on offense, they usually stumble.  After this offensive performance the entire offense should be extremely focused and ready to go.

The Packers will face the Eagles, in Philadelphia next Sunday at 3:15.  Contrary to many people I think this is a much better matchup for Green Bay than the Bears even with the dynamic Vick at quarterback.

  • It is very tough to beat teams in back to back weeks, the other team will always bounce back and play better, especially if that team is a rival.
  • The Bears are built to beat the Packers.  Without Finley, and much of a running game, the Packers really struggle with the Bears Cover 2.
  • The Bears are healthy, really healthy.  This may not be correct but I thought I saw a stat where ALL 22 opening day starters are still in for the Bears.  The Eagles are not as banged up as Green Bay but they do have some injuries.
  • Vick may be figured out, fatigued or both.  Good defensive coordinators have been having some recent success getting after Vick with secondary blitzes.  We have a smart d-coordinator in Capers and one of the best blitzing corners in the league in Charles Woodson.
  • The Eagles are not very good in pass coverage and attempt to cover up problems with the blitz.  If the Packers can pick up the blitz on Sunday there should be some big plays for the offense.

In general I am happy with this matchup.  Would I rather be the Saints and face Seattle, yes.  But this is not a bad matchup for the Packers.  The Eagles love to pass and are not great at stopping the pass which fits nicely into both of our strengths, the Packers can defend the pass and also love to pass.


As a kid I use to absolutely love college football and the bowl season.  Come New Years day there would be wall-to-wall college football, some good, some not so good but I really did get into it.  Now the games are spread all over January and with an actual national title game the other games seem to mean very little.  I am not happy the Badgers lost to TCU, but I am not devastated either. 

 If there would have been a next week to play for this game would have meant so much more.  The last two regular season games for the Packers meant much more to me than this bowl game.  I was happy if the Badgers had a good showing and did not lay an egg. 

You know the bowl system sucks when fans of teams do not care all that much about the result of the bowl game.  When the two point conversion was knocked down my reaction was more of an “Ah Shucks” than the profanity laden tirades I go into for the Badgers regular season or any Packer game.  My point is this, as time goes on if College Football does not straighten out its end of season into some kind of a playoff I think more and more people will react similar to me(outside of the South where college football is their life because they still think we are battling out North vs South Civil War style against the rest of the country.)

 I want the Badgers to win and do well but with such a stupid system in place it is not worth getting upset about since you could just get screwed over by a computer anyway.  Anytime a sport has the ability to stick it in fans because of a computer, something is wrong.

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