Can Texas Be Trusted?

When can Texas be trusted in College Basketball this year?  They are very talented, as always has been the case under Rick Barnes.  But under Barnes tenure they only have one final four appearance and were dominated by Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse in that one final four game.  But this year they are winning games at Kansas, at Oklahoma State, hosting Missouri on a Saturday night when everyone is ready for a letdown.  These were three wins in a row that in the past would have been one or two losses.

Tonight they travel to Texas A&M, a team they pounded at home a couple weeks ago by 20.  I am looking for someone to trust in College Basketball, someone I can start to pencil in(and I mean pencil) into my brain as a true final four contender.  Every year there are a couple of teams that you can push straight to the final four no matter what region or matchups are possible.  Sometimes these teams do lose, like Kansas last year, it happens, move on.  Duke became one of those teams last year because of their region, arguably the weakest region in quite some time.   I did not just go with it and it cost me in every pool I was in.

This year Ohio State is one of those teams.  Unless you are really trying to go against the grain they should be sent straight to the final four regardless of matchups.  There is usually one other team like that and if Texas wins tonight they will have to be considered as another possibility.

Texas is favored by 1 tonight at A&M and I am about ready to trust them so I will go with the Longhorns.  Hopefully they do not make me look stupid.

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