30: An Update

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Here’s an update from last week’s post.  Listed below are the NBA offensive categories in which the Bucks finished 30th out of 30 teams, along with the relevant numeric value for each:

Offensive Efficienty Rating: 101.6
Points Per Game: 91.9
Field Goal Percentage: 43.0%
Field Goals Per Game: 34.3
Assists Per Game: 18.7
Fast Break Points Per Game: 10.0
Field Goal Percentage at Rim: 57.9%
And1% (# of And1 baskets / FGA): 2.20%

In my opinion, these numbers scream for a roster with better athletes at the shooting guard and small forward positions — players who can get out on the fast break, or get to the rim with regularity in a half-court set.  If Carlos Delfino and John Salmons shot near 50% FG (like a Ray Allen/Paul Pierce tandem), then the lack of athleticism might be excusable.  But given that they’re both clanging away near 40% FG, the Bucks would be wise to add some finishers to their roster at the 2- and 3-spots.

So that’s my impression of what the team needs.  Now it’s your turn.  What do you think it would take to get Bucks out of the offensive cellar?

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