Milwaukee Bucks Make Three-Way Deal with Charlotte Bobcats, Sacramento Kings

The Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, and Sacramento Kings have completed a three-team detail which includes a swap of first-round draft picks.

The Bobcats will give up the 19th pick and receive the 7th (from Sacramento).  They also getting Corey Maggette from Milwaukee.

The Bucks will get Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston from Charlotte, as well as Beno Udrih and the #19 pick.

Sacramento is receiving the #10 pick and guard/forward John Salmons from the Bucks.

If correct, John Hammond has pulled off a major coup.  For similar salary (in terms of both money and years), he upgraded from Corey Maggette to Stephen Jackson — giving the Bucks a much-needed crunchtime scorer and a much better defensive player.  He also nabbed a lot of backcourt ballhandling talent. Is this insurance in case they decide to make a Brandon Jennings move down the line?  Yikes.

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