Milwaukee Bucks Links: Four Notes and a Brandon Jennings Fashion Faux Pas

Racine Journal Times:  Gery Woelfel reports that Joel Przybilla would be interested in coming to the Bucks as a backup center.  Przybilla has lots of family in the area and his interest in playing for Milwaukee has been known for quite a while.  He is now an unrestricted free agent, and when the lockout ends, he will be able to sign with any team that expresses interest.

The biggest issue for Przybilla is health.  Fighting through knee issues, Joel only played 36 games in a season split between the Blazers and Bobcats.

“Last season it was probably about 50 percent,” Przybilla said. “I never said anything about that or complained about it. I just went out and played.

“I would say it’s 90 percent now. If I didn’t think my knee was fine, I wouldn’t give this another chance.”  

The Bucks’ interest is also likely to hinge on the health of his knees.  But when he is healthy, Przybilla plays outstanding defense, especially for players in his price range. Michael Jordan fined $100,000 for speaking to an Australian newspaper about Andrew Bogut for violating the lockout rule prohibiting NBA management and coaches from openly discussing players.

Impact Basketball:  While Impact Basketball is normally a facility dedicated to the offseason training of high-profile athletes, the organization intends, over the next two weeks, to fill part of the void created by the NBA lockout.  They are running an eight-team “league” in Las Vegas with about 80 NBA players.  The games start Monday, although the sole participant from the Bucks, Stephen Jackson is not expected to arrive until Wedensday.  Below is a schedule (click to expand) with Jackson’s game schedule highlighted in red.  Reportedly, games will be streamed online. Yesterday, Ersan Ilyasova missed a jumper on the final possession that could have propelled Turkey into the quarterfinals of Eurobasket.  Moreover, the defeat — to Serbia, 68-67 — knocks Turkey out of qualification for the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Below is video of the final play, on which Ersan started as a screener, but eventually developed as the closest and most open target for the inbounds pass.

Ilyasova finished the game with 10 points (on 3/10 FG) and 7 rebounds.  Those marks were consistent with his tournament averages of 9.3 points, 39% FG shooting, and 6.5 rebounds.  After winning a silver medal at home last summer in the FIBA Worlds, Ilyasova and the Turkish team fell apart.  Against that stronger field, Ersan averaged 13.4 points and 7.6 rebounds per game.

Twitter:   By joining athletic apparel Under Armour, Brandon Jennings entered the high stakes world of fashion — a world with a longstanding dog-eat-dog reputation.  Expect Brandon to have multiple hits with a few scattered misses, while maintaining an “overall level of success. Here’s strike one, a picture which he posted on Twitter, but quickly pulled down.

Raiders fans always make me a little bit sad.

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