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Youtube: Admittedly, this link is not breaking news, since this punch got thrown 34 years ago.  But when We’re Bucked ran through its All-Decade Teams for the Bucks, both Kareem (best) and Kent Benson (worst) made the 1970s squads at the center position, so consider this post as a follow-up — with a key video addition for good measure!

As we mentioned in the piece on Benson, he managed to get into it with Abdul-Jabbar in the first minute of the first home game of his NBA career.  And it wasn’t a huge surprise, either.

When asked about his approach to stopping Kareem, Benson said,

I don’t know if you really can.  He’s got a great hook shot and is almost unstoppable on offense.  All I can do is use my body to the best of my abillity.  I’m going to try and push and shove.  But how much I can get away with, I don’t know.  I don’t mean I’ll be dirty, but I can’t be hesitant or scared.  I’ve learned how to use my body, my strength, and my hands to guard the other centers.

For the record, he did end up playing dirty, and in addition to using his body, strength, and hands, he used quite a bit of unprovoked elbow.

The irony of Kareem’s felonious overreaction is that if he had simply cracked Benson in the ribs in an even retaliation, Benson almost certainly would have been floored, as he was nursing a sore rib injury.  Instead, Kareem got an ejection and a two-month hiatus with a broken hand.

The Herald (Everett, WA):  Jon Brockman is using the extra lockout time to cool his heels in Snohomish.  Literally.  After offseason heel surgery to cut out bone spurs and fix cartilage damage, he reports that the healing process is underway.

“My ankle is feeling great,” he said. “It’s a lot better than it was before the surgery. And I think I picked the right year to get it done. I knew there was a chance of a lockout, so I had the surgery as soon as I could and knew that I could take my time through the recovery process.

“It’s not 100 percent, but it’s definitely getting better.” And with the season on hold, he added, “I can take my time and let it heal the way it’s supposed to.”

Brockman also adds that he is keeping track of the labor negotiations through contact with Spencer Hawes and Keyon Dooling.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: This piece contains fantastic reporting from Charles F. Gardner, who contacted “sources close to the organization” and found that the Bucks are planning to keep Beno Udrih and Drew Gooden.

With a new collective bargaining agreement between the players and owners taking shape (except for an agreement on the revenue split), reports indicate the agreement will contain an amnesty clause.  This clause will allow teams to waive a single player and cut that player’s total salary from both the salary cap and luxury tax totals.

Recent speculation has focused on Udrih and Gooden as candidates, but Gardner reports that the pair are safe.  It is not a surprising result, as the Bucks aren’t likely to bring in a high-priced free agent this offseason (or be taxed by the luxury levy), and they would still need to pay the salary of the player whichever player they axed.

Twitter:  Andrew Bogut takes the requisite shot at Kris Humphries.  Well done.

Bucksketball takes a look back at Brandon Jennings’ opening home game from Halloween 2009, a harbinger for Jennings’ monster first month in the NBA.

That’s what’s kind of fun about Jennings and why Bucks fans keep convincing themselves he’s already a star. No one knows where whatever got into him in that first month came from or where it went. But all that mystery is what keeps fans going.

Brew Hoop reports on the progress of Ersan Ilyasova and Jon Leuer in their leagues overseas.

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