Nov 21, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Milwaukee Bucks power forward John Henson (31) tries to keep the ball in bounds in front of Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade (3) in overtime at American Airlines Arena. The Heat defeated the Bucks 113-106 in

Milwaukee Bucks Game Review: Comeback to Champs Falls Short

The Bucks could not fully extricate themselves from the first-half hole they created for themselves. In a near carbon copy of the game in Charlotte, the Bucks played sloppy defense early, made a run to catch up, and fizzled in the clutch.  Like game against the Bobcats, Milwaukee disappointed at the three-point line (5-29) and got far too few free throws (12 attempts; Miami had 33).

Brandon Jennings scored 19 points on 25 shots.  Like the team, he started poorly, made up for it in the middle, and didn’t make enough plays to win in the end.  As Jennings goes, so go the Bucks.

Miami’s ‘Big Three’ — LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade — crushed the Bucks with a combined 80 points.  Ray Allen, formerly of Boston’s ‘Big Three’, added 17.

In the second quarter, Larry Sanders overreacted to a referee’s call. (One that was accurate, I might add.) He was ejected from the game after two quick technical fouls.  His designated replacement, John Henson, did not disappoint. In just 27 minutes of action, Henson scored 17 points and grabbed 18 rebounds — though he did let LeBron beat him for an offensive rebound/put-back combination that tied the game at 98-98 with 26 seconds left.  I’ve heard that LeBron fellow is pretty good.

For their final possession of regulation, the Bucks chose a Monta Ellis isolation that resulted in an off-balance jump shot that glanced off the rim.  Henson rebounded, but flung it back up quickly as if time was about to expire.  He had a few seconds, though, and when the Heat rebounded and called timeout, they had 1.4 seconds left.

Ellis nicely blocked a left baseline fallaway by Dwyane Wade from the side to force overtime.  Monta finished with 9 points on 16 shots and five turnovers.

Tobias Harris scored the game’s first seven points and looked like a viable NBA defender against LeBron James, as far as anyone does against James.  Mike Dunleavy battled, including a rather heroic three-point conversion in the final minutes of regulation.  But Dunleavy made just 1-of-7 on three-point shots.

Samuel Dalembert hit his first career three-pointer as the first half ended. He had ten points and five rebounds in 20 minutes.

The Bucks made only 4-of-14 shots in overtime and got outscored 15-8.

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