Bucks Fall Late to Bulls

The Bucks lost a heartbreaker to the Bulls Friday night, 91-90, dropping their record to a pristine 5-18 on the season. With 19.2 seconds left, OJ Mayo did a great job of staying in front of Jimmy Butler, who eventually slipped and traveled. It looked like the Bucks had wrapped the game up, but then three seconds later Joakim Noah forced a jump ball and won the tip. Mike Dunleavy then proceeded to bank in a three at the top of the key, and it was all she wrote. Gary Neal led the Bucks with 19 points, while Giannis (more on him later) led the team with nine rebounds. For the Bulls, Noah was spectacular in this game. He had 10 points, seven rebounds, two steals, and three blocks… in the fourth quarter. He destroyed the Bucks on the offensive glass, tallying nine offensive rebounds and finishing with 21 points and 18 rebounds for the game. Oh, and he played his usual stellar defense as well.; all around a great game from him.

Player of the Game

John Henson

Henson continued his good play in this game, finishing with 15 points, eight rebounds, and four blocks. His low post game looked good, utilizing a bevy of hook shots around the rim to score most of his points. It’s pretty clear that he’s not a center, though; he just doesn’t have the bulk to play the position. It will be interesting to see if his game improves even more once Sanders comes back and Henson can play at his best position.


Ersan Ilyasova

Ilyasova continued his poor play in this one, finishing with three points and three rebounds on 1-7 shooting. He really isn’t contributing when he’s on the floor right now, standing on the wings and taking jump shots that don’t even look close to going in. Playing 24 minutes doesn’t seem justifiable at this point, until you remember that the other option is Epke Udoh.

Giannis Watch

What an exciting game that Giannis played. He led the fast break a couple of times and man does he get down the court fast. It feels like he only needs five steps and he’s gone foul line to foul line.  He had a fantastic tip slam off a back door cut after Knight missed a jumper, and that was just a start to his high-flying escapades. He was fouled on two alley-oop attempts, one a beautiful finger roll, and had a dunk out of an out of bounds play in which he split Noah and Gisbson and seemed to go full on Michael Jordan arm stretch from Space Jam. He’s still needs a LOT of development, but Giannis is just so darn fun to watch right now.

Random Notes

–       Man vs. Food “star” Adam Richman was in attendance and wearing an old school Bucks wristband because, sure

–       Khris Middleton had some nice plays in the game, including a great fast break pass to Henson for a score and a tough shot to put the bucks ahead 90-88

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