Mar 18, 2014; Portland, OR, USA; Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Knight (11) shoots a jump shot over Portland Trail Blazers guard Mo Williams (25) in the first half at Moda Center. Mandatory Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Bucks New Owners Will Consider Color Scheme Change

Newly minted Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry appeared on 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee on Friday afternoon to talk about the future of the Bucks franchise.

While he touched on the rebuilding process and his goals as a co-owner, one of the more interesting topics he touched on was the Bucks current color scheme.

“A little bit of help” might be an understatement in this case. While the Bucks jerseys are by no means horrific, there is certainly room for improvement – a lot of improvement. And if the new owners are serious about switching things up, the time is now.

With the team changing hands and a potential star coming Milwaukee’s way in less than a month, a color scheme change would be the final phase of an effort to totally rebrand one of the NBA’s most monotonous franchises.

Teams often opt to change color schemes and uniform designs while riding the wave of excitement brought on by a high draft pick. We saw it with Cleveland in 2003, Cleveland again in 2010 and the Pelicans last season.

Now, whether Lasry and Edens end up spurring a rebrand remains up in the air. Things would have to move pretty quickly for a new scheme to be in place by next season, but it’s too early to rule anything out.

Would you be in favor of the Bucks changing their color scheme?

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Personally, I’d like to see one or more of the team’s more popular uniforms from the past be incorporated into a potential new design. The return of the iconic deer from the late-90s to the front of the jersey would be a nice touch, though the NBA as a whole seems to have moved past the whole oversized-uniform-graphics-are-awesome phase.

But, really, who knows what direction the Bucks will go. It’s tough to speculate. I will, however, offer a link to this concept mock-up that’s been floating around the Internet for quite some time now. It’s pretty basic, but it pays homage to the green-on-green uniforms from the 80s and is certainly more modernized than the Bucks current threads.

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  • mbradleyc

    The fact is that the Bucks best years were with the red and green. It was when Kohl took over that they dropped the red. You really want to return to that, when everything went into the toilet?

    The colors should be darker anyway.

    They should bring back the font from the early 80′s though. I wouldn’t mind seeing the old Bango too.

  • The__IcemaN

    The Bucks definitely need a rebranding. I think switching out the red for gold would give the colors a fresh look. On TV, the court and jerseys just look horrific. Green and Red has to go.

  • Josiah Bouley

    i like them to switch colors to orange and black like hunting colors