Milwaukee Bucks F Jon Leuer to Germany; Patty Mills Undecided

Just a few quick updates today from yesterday’s Twitter rounds. Frank Madden over at Brew Hoop noted that Jon Leuer will be playing in Germany next season, evidently for the Frankfurt Skyliners. Jim Rutledge first broke the news on Twitter and he later tweeted that he had multiple solid sources confirming the story.

Given that Leuer has a FIFA-mandated NBA out-clause, this is terrific news for the Bucks. He will be practicing and playing in a structured environment, while honing his skills in a league where he presumably has a chance to get significant court time.  Frankfurt, the Bucks, and Leuer can all benefit from this arrangement. In the words of Michael Scott, it’s a “Win-Win-Win” situation.

Rip City Project: On the other hand, Patty Mills may NOT be going to Anadolu Efes (which is now officially Ersan Ilyasova’s team, too).  While Mills has been in discussions with European teams, he made it clear on Australian TV and through his tweets, that the earlier reports were unfounded.

As a result, Keyon to Turkey is still a strong possibility for Efes. My guess is that they wait for Mills to decide before making any offers to Keyon, especially given their relative statuses: Patty is a free agent, while Keyon has one year left on his contract and would require an NBA-out on his Turkish deal.

Yahoo! Sports: You may have read this piece already, but if not, it’s a fun read on Brandon Jennings’ summer internship with Under Armour. His potential as a star on and off the court makes the lockout that much more painful. If the third year of his career has the make-or-break’ label attached to it, then I would sure like to see it be a full one. Fat chance of that at this point, though, right?