Milwaukee Bucks Links: Soporific Lockout Edition

The Joe Alexander Era had this effect on most people.

It’s lull time.  There’s not a lot of news to report on the Bucks front.  Sure, Andrew Bogut seems to have narrowed down his choices to either the NBL’s Sydney or Gold Coast franchises, but does the one he eventually picks matter much to the average Bucks’ fan?  Should he do a one-hour cable TV announcement a la ‘The Decision’?

There’s just very little happening for the Bucks and their players right now.  Ersan and Carlos are done with FIBA play, the summer exhibitions are over, and the most important activity on the NBA landscape is watching and waiting to see if the lockout will end anytime soon. With that in mind, here are today’s links:

Point Forward:  As the NBA and NBPA attempt to come to a labor agreement, Zach Lowe reads between the tea leaves (and the well-spun media posturing of both sides) to determine where the critical issues lie.  Included is a discussion of the two pieces coveted most by the smaller-market teams: revenue sharing and a hard cap.  Bret Buganski takes a look at how the lockout may impact Milwaukee’s economy, especially for businesses located near the Bradley Center.

USA Today:  Brandon Jennings took part in the biggest exhibition game of the summer:  a matchup between the all-star teams of the Drew and Goodman leagues.  Since that game there’s been a lot of posturing from both sides and they eventualy declared the rematch dead.  Now, though, there’s word that the two sides — which both feature NBA-heavy rosters — may get together one more time on the Drew League’s home turf of LA.  Bucks Assistant Coach has a special reason to root against his alma mater this weekend when the Razorbacks take on Troy University.