Green and Green and Growing – Potential New Colors For Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys

Nov 1, 2014; Washington, DC, USA; Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd (L) looks at a replay with his team against the Washington Wizards in the third quarter at Verizon Center. The Wizards won 108-97. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors abound that the Milwaukee Bucks jerseys could be set for change, and that the team will be adjusting their much-maligned red and green color scheme in advance of next season. With those rumors comes tons and tons of speculation.

What will the new colors be? What will the new jersey look like? As someone who’s big into uniforms and logos and all that peripheral flair that teams possess, this is really exciting!

The Bucks changed into their current color scheme at the beginning of the 2006 season, not even 10 years ago. Why change now?

When new ownership takes over a franchise, one of the first things they usually like to do is change the aesthetic. It’s a much easier and quicker way to leave their mark, compared to winning a title, and it also makes a bit of money as fans rush to buy the new gear. Marc Lasry and Wes Edens have made no secret of their desire to change the Bucks’ style and spur apparel growth and demand.

There are several options for different team colors being passed around Bucks fan message boards and Twitter. There’s talk of using blaze orange as a uniform color, a very bold and unique choice which works for the franchise if you choose to ignore the mascot-killing implications. When combined with green it’s reminiscent of the classic University of Miami colors.

Another option is a combination of green, navy blue, silver and – get this – cream. I am all for using cream. It’s muted but unique, looks great combined with just about anything, and fits the city really well, obviously. I think it would be great for fans to see a color on a jersey and immediately know it’s the Milwaukee Bucks.

The thing then, is why would you take that great concept and bury it with three other colors? We don’t need yet another team with navy blue in its colors, and silver might as well not even be at this party it’s such a wallflower. The worst part, to me, is that these are basically the 1990s Brewers colors, something I could do without ever seeing again. It’s boring.

It seems like everyone, outside a few stalwart concept artists, is consigned to bidding ‘adieu’ to the color red as we move into the next era of Bucks window dressing. When a franchise does a reboot, it often looks to its past as inspiration when deciding its future, often resulting in modern remixes of past jersey colors or designs – the new Charlotte Hornets, for example.

What this brings me to is my personal preference for the new style – the classic 80s-era green-on-green scheme.

In that concept, the Bucks would keep their current forest green and replace the red with lime green, a rising star in sports uniforms spurred on by the Seattle Seahawks’ successful rebrand. Additionally, there would probably be some silver trim to tie it all together. Hopefully the use of white for the home jersey is liberal, giving the two shades of green a chance to really pop. Maybe the ‘rainbow’ sidepaneling even makes a reappearance!

When it comes to the logo, I can appreciate the classic ‘smiling buck’, but I’m not completely opposed to our current ‘angry buck’. I could go either way, and if ownership wants to go a route different from either I’m okay with that too, as long as it looks nice.

So that’s your rebrand update. I tried to avoid posting pictures of concepts, mostly because it’s nearly impossible to track down their originators and I don’t want to post any images of someone’s hard work without being able to properly credit them. A lot of good concepts can be found at both and the Bucks realGM fan board.

What I can show you is how serious I am about my devotion to the double green: