Building The All-Time Milwaukee Bucks Roster

The Milwaukee Bucks are 47 years old. The team has had 39 players selected to the All-Star Game. They have made 28 post-season appearances, won 13 division titles, two conference titles, and most importantly of all, in 1971 the franchise claimed it’s sole NBA championship.

There’s a lot of history surrounding the team, but how do you wade through all of that to establish the greatest starting five in the history of the Bucks?

Or even better again, who out of the 361 players that have represented the city of Milwaukee on the NBA’s hardwood are the 15 greatest?

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports has been conducting a series of articles where he tries to establish the All-Time starting five for every NBA franchise, and recently he got to the Bucks.

Because we don’t like making tough decisions, the lineups will reflect the All-NBA line of thinking. There will be no differentiation between separate forward and guard positions, and the squads will be chosen after careful consideration of individual merits only – we don’t really care if your team’s top shooting guard and point guard don’t get along.

That thinking is what explains how Dwyer’s All-Time Bucks starting five shook out with a backcourt of Ray Allen and Sidney Moncrief, Bob Dandridge and Marques Johnson at the forward spots, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the middle.

Jun 11, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; NBA former player Oscar Robertson before game four of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The most notable omission in that five is undoubtedly Oscar Robertson who Dwyer explained he omitted because he only played four seasons in Milwaukee, but that in itself offers up important questions about how greatness is defined across generations in an NBA context.

How do you weigh NBA titles and great teams versus individual accolades and statistics? It’s a debate that we touched upon in our latest podcast, but by stretching the debate out to try and construct the team’s greatest 15 man roster it allows a greater opportunity to find the correct balance.

So, over the next week or so we’re going to break down the contenders for each position, and hopefully with the help of you, our readers, we’ll arrive at the ultimate and definitive Milwaukee Bucks squad.

Day by day, we’ll assess a different position (no positional bailing out on tough calls here), before pausing to compile and consider everything we’ve presented and eventually revealing the final results.

The voting will be split between a 50 percent say from our writing staff, and the other 50 percent coming from reader votes, comments and tweets.

If you feel passionate about making a case for one of your favorite Bucks players of All-Time, get in touch with us, we want to hear it!

You can email your thoughts to, and if the player you make a case for makes the final cut, you might even see yourself quoted in the final article.

The series will kick off officially tomorrow with the point guard contenders, so make sure to check back then, or bookmark this article (as we’ll update it with links as the days go on) to have your say.

Who makes the All-Time Bucks roster? Let’s start the journey to finding out.


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