We're Bucked NFL Mock Draft

The NFL draft is less than two weeks away so I wanted to throw out my brilliant draft prognosis to go along with the million or so other failed predictions.  Since the Bucks clinched the playoffs and are only battling for position I wanted to take a quick pause before things ramp up in the final week leading up to the playoffs.  When the NBA draft time roles around you can expect plenty of mocks from this site.

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Sam Bradford Quarterback Oklahoma The Rams dumped Marc Bulger leaving an opening for a new franchise quarterback. Bradford had a fantastic pro day and his repaired shoulder has been tested and approved. I am not a Bradford fan, I think he was overrated and has no experience in a pro style offense.  When the draft process started everyone was projecting Suhor McCoy but there is way too much money at stake at the top of the draft for anything beyond a QB.  If the CBA would have rookie limits in place in time for this draft I do think the pick of a DL would have been possible.
Ndomukong Suh
Defensive Tackle Nebraska

The pick has to be Suh.  He is the best player in the draft and can have an immediate impact on the defense.  Do not get cute Detroit.

3. GeraldMcCoy Defensive Tackle Oklahoma Tampa will be very happy when the DT most people have graded even with Suh is still on the board.  If this pick takes longer than a few minutes it is just for show.
4. Russel Okung Offensive Tackle Oklahoma State The Redskins need an OT with Samuels done at LT.  Bringing in McNabb should prevent the team from moving up to get Bradford or reaching for Clausen.

5. Brian Bulaga Offensive Tackle Iowa Some are projecting Berry in this spot but I cannot see Pioli taking a safety this high.  Safeties are not taken in the top five.  Bulaga is the next LT and he goes here.
6. Eric Berry Safety Tennessee I think this pick should be Clausen, Seattle missed out on Sanchez last season but not much remains from that regime.  I think Pete Carrol will jump at the best defensive playmaker in this draft.
7. Jimmy Clausen
Quarterback Notre Dame If Cleveland likes Clausen even a little bit I think he gets picked here.  Holmgren fully knows the value of a franchise QB and he also knows he does not have one on the current roster.
8. Bruce Campbell Offensive Tackle Maryland Al Davis always reaches for athletic freaks and Campbell was the athletic freak of the OTs at this year’s combine.
9. Trent Williams Offensive Tackle Oklahoma This seems almost too obvious here.  The team cannot keep a QB healthy due to a poor OLine.  Take the OT and be done with it, do not get cute with pass rushers.
10. Joe Haden Cornerback Florida I cannot see another pass rusher here.  The team has spent money on Aaron Kampman and high draft picks the last few years on the positionHaden is the best CB in this draft and the Jags would be lucky to get him here.
11. Rolando McClain
ILB Alabama Denver could really use a smart and skilled interior linebacker for both pass rushing and run stopping purposes. McClain is the best linebacker on the board and mentally ready to step in after his tutoring under Nick Saban
12. Jason Pierre-Paul

Defensive End South Florida I see the Dolphins going pass-rusher here and Pierre-Paul has extreme upside.  Remember, Ware was drafted by Parcells a bit high with the Cowboys.  Parcells knows the value of a pass rush as much as anyone and I think he tries to hit a homerun here.
13. Mike Lupati Offensive Guard Idaho Lupati has been all over the first round in projections so predicting where and when he will be drafted is a bit of a mystery.  I do know this, he is a crushing run blocker and Mike Singletaryis a run first, pound the football coach.  I could see the 49ers gobbling him up here and addressing another need with their next pick.
14. (From Denver) C.J. Spiller
Running Back Clemson The Seahawks desperately need some talent at running back, or for that matter, anywhere on offense.  Seattle is a boring team.  I do not think a RB is the best pick here but this team needs to add the ability to score and Spiller can help in the return game, running game and passing game.
15. Derrick Morgan OLB/DE Georgia Tech The Giants will gladly take Morgan here to boost the pass rush.  This seems almost too likely to come true at the 15th spot.
16. (From Carolina) Dan Williams Defensive Tackle Tennessee The Titans will look to bolster their DL and Williams provides a very solid interior defender.  With the top DE candidates already gone, Williams makes sense here.
17. Earl Thomas
Safety Texas I really like Thomas and would hope he fell to GB but the 49ers will be able to greatly improve their pass coverage with the versatile Thomas.  Thomas is the future of safeties, guys who can cover, not the big clunky Taylor Mays types.
18. Maurkice Pouncey
C/OG Florida I have seen CB projected here and I have no arguments with that.  Assuming Big Ben is back the Steelers need to protect him and more importantly get back to pounding the football.  Pouncey can greatly improve their interior at guard or center.
19. Brandon Graham
OLB/DE Michigan This fits need and value.  The Falcons need pass rush help and Graham is the best DE prospect left.
Kareem Jackson
Cornerback Alabama The Texans need a cornerback after the loss of Dunta Robinson, it is hard to guess which one they like more, Jackson, Wilson or Robertson.  I will go with Jackson.
Dez Bryant
Wide Receiver Oklahoma State The Bengals need some more weapons on offense so this makes perfect sense.  The Bengals also seem to like guys that pass the eye test and Bryant fits that as well
22. Kyle Wilson
Cornerback  Boise State The Patriots, along with most of the NFL, need help in the secondary and they get some here with Wilson.  I could also see a pass rusher here but my guess is at CB if Wilson were still available.
23. Sergio Kindle Linebacker Texas I could see OT Anthony Davis being picked here as the Packers have an obvious need at OT.  I think there is a lot of separation between the top OTs than Davis andsome of the others.  The Packers brought back Clifton and Tauscher, and also have Lang waiting.  They will get a OT but in the 2ndor 3rd round.  I think the Packers will grab the best Pass Rusher or Defensive Back available and Kindle fits one of those two areas along with the fact he has the height the Packers desperately need to add to their pass defense.
24.   Everson Griffen Defensive End USC Andy Reid likes to take lineman early in drafts, whether it is the OL or DL.  Here he takes a pass rusher.
25. Taylor Mays Safety USC This is a gut feeling.  The Ravens draft very shrewdly, usually taking highly rated players that fall into their lap and Mays grades are all over the place.  I think the Ravens will look to add a playmaker to play with Ed Reed and figure out the best way to utilize Mays.
26. Damaryius Thomas
WR Arizona Matt Leinart is developing and he has some big shoes to fill in the post Kurt Warner era. I think they add to the WR position over other needs at TE and LB and Thomas provides really good value here.
27. Anthony Davis Offensive Tackle Rutgers Flozell Adams has been released, making left tackle THE PICK for the Cowboys. The Cowboys have made it no secret that they are interested in getting an OT in this draft and Davis falls to them here.
28. Ryan Mathews Running Back Fresno State I have no feel for this pick, this is an area I think you could easily see some trading up to get Tebow or McCoy.  The Chargers could also go DT with Cody or a CB.
29. Jerry Hughes OLB/DE TCU I think the Jets will try to add a defensive weapon like Hughes over reaching for a WR and Hughes is the best available at this point.
30. Devin McCourty Cornerback Rutgers The Vikings will look to add anything they can to their secondary.  McCourty is a solid need/value pick.
31. Tyson Aluala
Defensive Tackle Cal Indy does things differently.  While other teams pay special attention to size and measurables the Colts do not.  They throw a wild card in here and take Aluala over Odrick and some other projected first round defensive players.
32. Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri The Saints were already weak at OLB and they have lost Scott FujitaWeatherspoon fits perfectly here for the Saints.

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