5 Current Milwaukee Bucks Who Will Not Last The Offseason

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Johnny O’Bryant – Released

Well technically released isn’t the right word, as all Milwaukee has to do is not choose to exercise their team option on Johnny O’Bryant’s contract, but you get the picture. It may seem hasty to give up on a second-year player that quickly, but O’Bryant had plenty of opportunities and never got the JOB done.

1. Will this player still be productive in a few years, when the Bucks will be looking to contend for a title?

Considering O’Bryant wasn’t productive this season, I doubt it. He may develop into a quality forward, but it would surprise me.

2. Will this player’s salary prevent Milwaukee from re-signing Khris Middleton or adding other players in free agency, either this season or down the line?               

Nope. That’s the biggest thing working in JOB’s favor. He’s really cheap, under $900 thousand if Milwaukee chooses to keep him.

3. Could this player’s roster spot be better used on a different available player?

Absolutely. O’Bryant looks lost on the floor, and this spot could be used on a player who actually hustles and makes good basketball plays.

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