BTBP Mock NBA Draft: Editor’s Edition

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Mar 13, 2015; Nashville, TN, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks forward Bobby Portis (10) reacts with teammates during the first half of the third round against Arkansas Razorbacks of the SEC Conference Tournament at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

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What The Experts Say:

"When he wasn’t stretching the four, Portis was causing problems for opponents on the offensive glass. And his hidden skills include low rates of both fouls (2.9 per 40 minutes) and turnovers (2.1), indicating mistake-free play. – Kevin Pelton, ESPN"

What The Player Says:

"I’ve modeled my game after Kevin Garnett, simply because I feel I bring that same physicality, that same passion and that same log on my shoulder that he plays with. I have a log on my shoulder. Not just a chip on my shoulder – a log. – Bobby Portis"

What BTBP Says:

Bobby Portis is the guy that the fans of a lot of the teams in the middle of the draft seem to be calling for their team to select. He’s also one of the guys who’s so regularly tagged as underrated that you have to wonder whether he’ll be overrated by the time he gets to the NBA.

Luckily for Portis, his skills make it look like he’ll be able to live up to that hype. He’s a high energy under-sized forward who can stretch the floor, and there’s probably no player-type that’s more in vogue right now in the NBA.

The former Razorback will entertain and endear himself to fans with his energy and effort, as well as with stories of some of his unusual pre-game routines.

The Celtics started to thrive as a system last season, and Portis could give them the opportunity to add another face to that. Sure, they have other young bigs like Olynyk and Sullinger, but a gamble on Portis could get them a player with the potential to far surpass the ceilings of those two.

Joshua Bateman of Hardwood Houdini explains why Portis could work in Beantown:

"The number one reason Portis is a legitimate option for the Celtics in the first round is he fits perfectly into the model of a power forward currently on the team. The Celtics have no big men without at least a mid range game and Brandon Bass is the only power forward that does not have success shooting the three ball. Portis should expect to see some sort of dip after entering the NBA but it is not crazy to think he could maintain his success in the Celtics’ offensive system. Portis would not be coming to a team where he is expected to create his own shots and the team’s ball movement will certainly put him in a position to have success."

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