BTBP Mock NBA Draft: Editor’s Edition

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Apr 6, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Tyus Jones waves to the crowd after cutting down a piece of the net after defeating the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2015 NCAA Men

156. . PG. Duke. Tyus Jones. 24. player

What The Experts Say:

"Jones was among the most impressive players in interviews at the combine, showing uncanny polish, a demeanor that mirrors Jones’s play on the floor. – Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated"

What The Player Says:

"As a leader on the court you’re remembered if you’re a winner. That’s the most important thing. I want to be remembered as a winner, not for how many points I had per game or assists or steals or anything like that. – Tyus Jones"

What BTBP Says:

Remember last summer when LeBron James hinted that Shabazz Napier, a national championship winning point guard was one of his favourite prospects in the draft, and the Heat duly selected him only for James to return home to Ohio?

Well, I’m not sure if James has voiced a similar sentiment this year, but perhaps it’s something that he should look into.

The Cavaliers are scarily thin at point guard. They’ve got Kyrie Irving as their obvious first choice (although his growing injury list moves him closer to becoming the Bionic Man by the day), and then there’s Matthew Dellavedova, the gritty (dirty?), likely now overrated young Australian who performed admirably in the Finals.

With Dellavedova hitting free agency this summer, and never again going to be as likely to earn an overpay, perhaps Cleveland would be wise to set their sights on a different point guard. Jones could be that man.

Put simply, you can over-complicate picks like this one, and as Fear The Sword’s Trevor Magnotti highlights, Cleveland is a pretty good place to develop right now:

"The Cavs would be a good fit for Jones’s development. He’d play behind Kyrie for the foreseeable future, and the Cavs don’t run a ton of highly sophisticated sets, which would help him adjust. It also would help him get his shooting mechanics down if he were getting wide-open looks every night playing next to LeBron James, Kyrie, and Kevin Love."

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