2015 NBA Draft: International Men of Mystery

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Courtesy of Dan Glassberg


George Lucas de Paula

A huge dropoff in talent here as we move to George Lucas (I am a Star Wars nerd and this is the name we’ll be using from now on), although there is certainly definite intrigue with the Brazilian point guard.


His length and fluidity are nearly unheard of at the point guard position (outside of Milwaukee!). He’s basically MCW. The driving ability, court vision, and passing are all there. He checks every box for a starting point guard except jumpshooting.


Like I mentioned, his shot needs work. There’s also concerns about his level of competition. A distinct lack of successful Brazilian NBA players outside a few also raises some questions.

Okay, so this is cheating a little bit as Lucas has withdrawn from this class to return next year, but he’s been so hyped along the way that he’s definitely a name to remember.

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