BTBP Roundtable #11: Post-Draft Reaction

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Jan 17, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; UNLV Rebels guard Rashad Vaughn (1) is defended by San Diego State Aztecs forward Winston Shepard (13) during the first half at Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Was picking Vaughn the right decision for the Bucks in the here and now?

AMcG: The Bucks aren’t one piece away from winning right now (particularly when we’re talking about rookies), so the team didn’t really need to put a premium on shooting over all else. It’s not a bad thing adding more shooting, but there were definitely guys who could have helped Milwaukee more straight off the bat.

TW: I think it depends. Vaughn is a better pick than Dekker ever was, but unless the Bucks have plans to get a center from somewhere or really believe in John Henson (like I do) then it seems like more of a pick based on the future, not the now.

AL: If their plan is to add an elite big man via free agency, Bobby Portis would’ve been redundant, and we’d be right back to needing shooting. This is where the NBA having the draft before free agency gets annoying.

JT: Absolutely. While the Bucks made one of the biggest turnarounds this past season, they still have plenty of room to grow and most importantly, Vaughn fills the biggest need for the team. There will be a period of adjustment no doubt and he’ll be behind O.J. Mayo and Khris Middleton (most likely) for the time being, but he’ll fit just right along with the young core that team has.

BA: Vaughn wasn’t my personal preference at the time, but who cares about my personal preference? The biggest thing for me is that in some way, he earned John Hammond’s seal of approval, and that’s something I honestly value as someone who follows this team. Hammond’s draft history in the 10-20 range of the draft will back that up as well.

PB: Given the uncertainty that surrounds Mayo and lack of solid depth, the Bucks needed a backup wing player and all accounts suggest that they certainly addressed that with Vaughn. That being said, he is going to have to grow rapidly if he expects to unseat Vasquez and touch the court.

JW: He may not directly be helpful on the court in the here and now, but he will get valuable experience in his rookie year. Considering the Bucks don’t have many knock down shooters, he will see the court if he is consistent.

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