Milwaukee Bucks: All-Time Greatest Power Forwards

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Vin Baker

Although in many ways, Baker’s personal struggles have overshadowed much of his legacy in the time since his career came to an end, it shouldn’t be forgotten just how good the former eighth overall pick actually was in his playing days.

Selected by Milwaukee in the 1993 NBA Draft,  the former Hartford Hawk hit the ground running. He had a strong rookie campaign which saw him make the All-Rookie First Team, and by his second season Baker was already an All-Star averaging a double-double.

It was just unfortunate that the Bucks had to be so bad at the time that Baker arrived in the league. Milwaukee didn’t make the playoffs in any of his seasons in Wisconsin, and if he had been part of the Bucks squad either four years earlier or later that certainly wouldn’t have been the case.

Baker left Milwaukee for Seattle and went on to be incredibly successful with the Supersonics too. It was when he left Seattle that it really started to go downhill though. Baker would play for the Celtics, Knicks, Rockets and Clippers, but never look close to the player he had been as a youngster in Milwaukee.

As a Buck, Baker averaged 18.3 points and 9.5 rebounds.

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