Milwaukee Bucks: All-Time Greatest Centers

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Continuing our look at the franchise’s great players, let’s continue to go back in time and explore the history of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Our goal is to try to identify the franchise’s All-Time 15 man roster, their greatest starting five, and highlight the work of some of the franchise’s greats who may have flown under the radar.

We have now covered the best of the best across all four positions from point guard to power forward, leaving us with just the search for the best big men in the middle to have ever anchored a Bucks team.

Where talent has traditionally been at a premium for the Bucks at power forward as we saw in the most recent piece in this series, there isn’t such a problem at center.

Of course, one man seems to obviously stand astride at the top of this list too, but there’s still conversation to be had. After all, this is our quest to establish an all-time great Bucks roster, not just the best starting center.

Who are the greatest centers in franchise history though?

That may not necessarily be who had the greatest individual numbers, but who left the most significant marks in the history of the Bucks, and who made the teams they played on that much better?

Let’s look at some of the contenders below, and at the end, don’t forget to vote for the three centers who you feel deserve to be in with a shot of making the final 15 man All-Time Bucks roster!

The final results will be decided by a combination of readers votes and opinions and those of our staff here at Behind The Buck Pass, so make sure to have your say.

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