Milwaukee Bucks: All-Time Greatest 15 Man Roster

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Bob Dandridge – Small Forward

Dandridge was one of those players who put up outstanding numbers throughout his entire NBA career, yet somehow always managed to stay hiding in the background as such.

During a career that saw him pick up two NBA titles between stops in Milwaukee and Washington, “The Greyhound” averaged over 18 points and almost seven assists acting as the perfect complement to legendary players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes.

What makes Dandridge special for the Bucks was not only his outstanding play, but also his presence across different generations of successful Bucks teams.

Dandridge was with the Bucks from their debut in the NBA, to their championship team and beyond into the mid 70s, before even returning to make a brief cameo with Don Nelson’s new wave of the early 80s.

The Richmond, Virginia native made many meaningful contributions during his time in Milwaukee, but its obvious that his role in the 1971 championship winning team was the biggest of them all and the one that he was most proud of:

"They talk about the greatest championship teams and, maybe three years ago, they had that ‘71 team No. 10 out of 10 great championship teams. That was puzzling to me because we won 66 games, had two of the 50 greatest players who ever played and we were beating people by nine or 10 points."

In spite of the Bucks retiring his jersey, Dandridge’s own role in the history books remains criminally underplayed to this day though. Curtis Harris of Pro Hoops History highlighted this perfectly:

"The Greyhound should be a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. He was the greatest two-way player at his position for a decade. In his 11 healthy seasons, his teams only missed the playoffs twice and had a winning percentage of 60%. He won two championships and was undeniably instrumental in both of them, especially in 1978 where he should have been the Finals MVP. He made two more appearances in the finals and could always be counted on to raise his already stellar play to greater heights in the postseason as his points, rebounds and assists all went up in the playoffs."

Whether he’ll ever make it to Springfield or not, what I know for sure is that Bucks fans should be incredibly grateful that Dandridge was one of theirs.

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