Milwaukee Bucks: Q&A With Franchise Legend And Broadcaster Marques Johnson

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Ahead of his return to the Milwaukee Bucks as a broadcaster, we spoke to legendary forward Marques Johnson about the Bucks past, present and future.

As a new season approaches, the Milwaukee Bucks seem like they may well be on the verge of something special. The Bucks are trying to build a team that can compete for long into the future, and one that can achieve a quality and consistency that arguably hasn’t been achieved since the great teams of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“The Big Three” of Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell may have brought the Bucks close to a second title, but their success was relatively short-lived. In contrast, Don Nelson‘s Bucks teams were a constant fixture at the top of the Eastern Conference.

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The Bucks have made what seems like a conscious decision of late to honor the franchise’s great history, and involve legendary names from the team’s past in the team’s future. As a result, it should be no surprise that they have looked to add another representative from those great teams, and could there have been a better choice than the legendary Marques Johnson?

Johnson was one of the most skilled, intelligent and creative players of his generation, and he starred for the Bucks over seven seasons where he amassed almost 11,000 points. Since his playing days have finished, Johnson has continued to showcase his knowledge of the game as a broadcaster, and alongside the legendary Gus Johnson he will get the chance to showcase his talents in that regard in Milwaukee this season.

Ahead of Johnson’s homecoming, I caught up with him to talk about how it feels to return to the city, what he thinks of this current crop of Bucks players, and of course to look back at his illustrious past.