Milwaukee Bucks: Q&A With Franchise Legend And Broadcaster Marques Johnson

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What Does Marques Think Of This Bucks Team?

AM: Have you been keeping a close eye on the Bucks in recent years? How impressed were you with what Jason Kidd‘s team did last season?

MJ: I’ve a general awareness of the turnaround from the previous year. Jason has always been a favorite of mine since his sophomore year of high school.

I was with Nellie at Golden State, and my son Kris came home from high school raving about the “best player” he has ever seen. Since he was 13 years old at the time  I took it for what it was worth. Then I saw Jason in AAU the next summer and understood what Kris had seen.

Incredible basketball IQ and with 20 years in the NBA and only a recent retiree,  he has outstanding communication skills.