Milwaukee Bucks: Q&A With Franchise Legend And Broadcaster Marques Johnson

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Apr 6, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

How Would These Current Bucks Have Fared In Johnson’s Era?

AM: How do you think this young Bucks group that’s starting to take shape would have fared in your era of the NBA? Which of the current squad’s players would you have liked to have on your team?

MJ: It’s unfair to compare, everything is so different. I would probably be more like Jabari if I played today in terms of size. I played at 225 and would be closer to 240 today.

Defense is more sophisticated now in terms of taking away strengths and primary options. Then you have the three-pointer which is emphasized today, while it was in its infancy when I played.

Mid-range game was my forte, which in itself would preclude me from getting on the court if I played for the Houston Rockets today!