Milwaukee Bucks: Q&A With Franchise Legend And Broadcaster Marques Johnson

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What Bucks Moment Stands Out To Marques?

AM: There were obviously so many memorable moments throughout your time in Milwaukee, but is there any particular moment or game that still sticks with you to this day?

MJ: Game 7 vs. the Sixers in Philly in the early 80’s. Even though I scored 36 points versus Bobby Jones while having to guard Julius Erving, there’s one play in the waning moments that stands out.

We were down a point and the Sixers had the ball. Brian Winters and I were denying the entry pass and switched when our men screened for each other, forcing a timeout by Billy Cunningham. Nellie wanted us to use the same defensive strategy on the ensuing inbounds pass but my instincts told me to change it up, because the Sixers would adjust.

I tried to communicate that to Brian at the last moment to no avail. They were able to inbound the ball, ending our chances for one more possession. The lesson to young players is to follow your gut.