Milwaukee Bucks 2015-16 Player Profile: Damien Inglis

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Armed with a very young roster, there’s certainly a lot of mystery surrounding the Bucks.  The sky is certainly the limit regarding some of the already highly touted players, but it’s all about taking one step at a time for the development of the young players.

One player that the fans and quite possibly the Bucks themselves might not know what to make of still is Damien Inglis.

After recovering from a broken foot and the resulting complications that came from it, the first impression of Inglis’ play was simply not what we expected.  However, the first time Inglis was going to see any basketball action after a long and lengthy road to a full recovery was not going to look pretty.

With the Bucks being in the middle of the pre-season at the time of this writing, Inglis has done wonders to turn around that first impression and has given us a much clearer picture of what kind of player he could be.

With all that said, let’s take a look at what the season projects for Damien Inglis.

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