Milwaukee Bucks 2015-16 Player Profile: Damien Inglis

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What Inglis Offers Inglis has plenty of things to offer to this young Milwaukee Bucks squad, but Inglis himself, simply put it best when talking about what type of player he is:

"I’m a basketball player. Just like Jabari and Giannis, every guy on the team, we just play basketball and then we figure it out, what position we play."

He’s certainly not wrong, as the young forward can fill up the stat sheet in many ways. Along with that, Inglis is a very intelligent player, especially for only being 20 and although he didn’t play last year, he (hopefully) knows the ins and outs of the Bucks’ gameplan.

One thing for all Bucks’ fans to keep their eye on is Inglis’ athleticism post-foot surgery. While Inglis hasn’t had any problems regarding his foot throughout the pre-season, it’ll be interesting to see if he can retain the type of athleticism that he showed before he broke his foot in the build up to the draft.

Considering the long season, it’s certainly something that not only fans, but possibly Bucks’ management could be looking out for.

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