Milwaukee Bucks 2015-16 Player Profile: Damien Inglis

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How Inglis Fits

With both Jared Dudley and Ersan Ilyasova gone, the backup power forward spot is seemingly up for grabs. The Bucks brought in Chris Copeland this off-season to try to fill the role that Dudley and Ilyasova have left behind, but it’s not out of line to suggest that Inglis could carve out a bigger role as the season goes on with how talented Inglis looks to be.

However, given Inglis’ versatility, he could easily play small forward at times as well, behind Antetokounmpo and sometimes Khris Middleton. The return of Jabari Parker looks very promising and closer to the opening of the season than we first imagined, but Inglis could still be leaned on more at the beginning of the season as the team will be cautious regarding Parker.

With his versatility and high IQ, Inglis can certainly get steady rotation minutes at the beginning of the season if everything goes right and could easily carve out a more expanded role as the Bucks will look to see what he can prove in his rookie year.

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